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District Guide: Brooklyn, New York City

Being born and raised in New York City, blogger Jeremy has many places to talk about—particularly in Brookln. So many places to shoot, but even more places to eat! Below, get to know his favorites.

Jeremy Mitchell is a full time photographer and blogger from Brooklyn. He works with fashion clients like Mr. Porter, MatchesFashion and Kardo, however he likes venture out onto different styles of shooting other than fashion. Currently Jeremy is working on a personal project that’s allowing him to dive into the world of ballet.

Being born and raised in NY, Jeremy has many places to talk about. So many places to shoot, but even more places to eat! His favorite Jamaican restaurant called VEE’S for example, which is located at 967 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn.

But there’s so much more to find out about NYC and Jeremy himself, too! 

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Which crazy memory will forever be connected to your favorite district?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up I rarely saw changes in neighborhoods and communities. It’s not until recent years I started noticing dramatic changes all over the city. Its crazy how change can happen so quickly and its funny how the areas you would avoid like a plague have become a safe haven for many newcomers.

How do you spend a Sunday in your district?

Usually around this time of year on Sunday’s, after I attend my religious function, I bike over to Brooklyn Bridge Park and just vibe out. A blanket, pen, paper and McDonald’s apple pie sets the mood for me honestly. 

Why does your job perfectly match your city?

Everything you need is here. Literally everything. The perfect backdrops. The people. Style. Everything.

Where do you get inspired?
If I’m not on the internet looking for inspiration or traveling in search for inspiration, I’m probably people watching in Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg or Soho. 

Everything you need is here. Literally everything. The perfect backdrops. The people. Style. Everything.

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The best place to people watch is…

People watching is one of my favorite thing — to Downtown Brooklyn would be my favorite. 

The nicest vintage clothes you can find at…

Definitely downtown Brooklyn. There are vintage and thrift shops on every block. I have a buddy named Ouigi who owns a store called The Brooklyn Circus (@Thebkcircus) on 150 Nevins St. It’s a mixture of vintage garments as well as modern day pieces. It’s well worth the visit; it also smells nice. 

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My urban oasis is…

My urban oasis would be the 1 Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge located in Dumbo. It has everything you need for a solid summer day. It has a great rooftop bar that oversees a beautiful view of the city. A cozy coffee shop with a monochromatic interior. Three dope bars you want a drink in. A lounged area with occasional live music from NYC locals. Perfect for a quick shoot.

When you have to work on your laptop best go to…

When it’s time to pop out the computer the best place to be would have to be at Dapper Studios (@DapperStudios). It’s been some time since I’ve been there due to an overload of work. But that’s normally a place where creative individuals go to get work done. 

The most photogenic place of the city is…

The most photogenic place of the city is Dumbo. It’s a tourist attraction. 300k visitors a week. From Weddings, engagements, graduations to fashion editorials. Everything is shot there because it’s so cinematic and photogenic. 

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27 Sep 2018 · neubau eyewear
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