Indie-Pop band We Walk Walls about their favorite Vienna spots

It’s not easy to find the best ice-cream in Vienna when you have so many options. Fortunately, the Viennese Indie-Pop band We Walk Walls know where you can get the best creamy refreshment in town.

Next to these very important issues, we also talked with the foursome about their upcoming album, their best concert so far and their take on a more sustainable lifestyle.

Your first album Ceremonies” was released in 2013, the one before that came out in 2015. It’s 2017 now. Can we expect something new from you anytime soon?
It’s not official yet, but I think we could already say it: yes, we will be in the studio recording for a new album very soon.

Which direction will you take this time?
It’s another step further. From the first to the second album, we already went through a development. Now, we even got more complex, the songwriting has become a bit more complicated, but definitely much more thoughtful.

Patricia: There are many Carribean influences this time, it almost sounds…”fruity”. Overall, we could say that this album will be a bit more cheerful.

Stefan: But it’s not an orange, that would be too sweet and not a citrus, that would be too sour. It sound much more like something inbetween — a Grapefruit maybe.

Slightly bitter?
Yes, a bit. And maybe melancholic in some parts.

Patricia: I actually hate grapefruits, but I have to admit that the comparison is a good one.

Stefan: Lucky you. Did you know that you can become immune to some medicaments when you eat too much grapefruit? Some people even died because of this. We are much more harmless, even when we sound like a grapefruit.

I have read that it is very important to you that your music is visually attractive and that you love to work with projections at your concerts. You also give creative input when it comes to your videos. Do you come up with these ideas after the songwriting or is it a process that runs at the same time?
It’s both. It happens that you already have some ideas for music videos when you do the songwriting. The concept for the visuals as such rather grow slowly because it consists of research work. You listen to the song and then browse the internet and see what you can find. We work a lot with home-videos, so it’s a constant giving and taking. Sometimes, you are inspired by the music, other times, the images are the things that give you inspiration.

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You have once described your music as a concept of opposites”. How is it possible to make these opposites sound and look so harmonious?
Everyone in the band is very goal-oriented and everything happens quite naturally. We had never wanted to force this opposition in our music. We just listened to the songs at the end and then noticed all these opposites.

You all live in Vienna. Can you think of a place in this city that represents this concept of opposites” that we can find in your music?
The whole city as such. The whole Austrian and Viennese mentality is full of opposites. Opposition as a strategy is a term that I really like. I think you can find this in every coffee house, on every street in Vienna and every Austrian family.

And where did your best gig so far take place?
The best concert we had in Vienna has definitely been our gig in the Chelsea Club around a year ago. However the Donauinsel-Fest was great, too.

Stefan: I agree, when it comes to the interaction with the audience, the concert at Chelsea was one of the best. And of course all the early gigs and album release tours, that’s always something very special.

Patricia: And do you remember the Donaukanal-Treiben in 2015? It was raining so hard and we even had to build the stage ourselves — but it was also so much fun. Even today, people are still talking to me about it. It must have been quite impressive.

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Which place in Vienna inspires you the most?
My bed. But I seriously think that your own home can be quite inspring. For me personally, it’s parks.

Stefan: A very special thing here in Vienna are the so-called Beserl-Parks”. A Beserl-Park” is around 3 x 2 metres big and mostly includes a swing and an old sand pit. Every child in Vienna definitely knows what a Beserl” is.

Patricia: For me, it’s the forest. Like Silvio, I love to be in nature. The Viennese people can be quite grumpy at times, so it’s hard to draw inspiration from them.

Stefan: The great thing about Vienna is that you have the anonymity of a big capital city on the one hand and then on the other hand, you live in your Grätzl” (quarter) and always meet the same 20 people. You kind of start knowing all of them, even if it is just a superficial knowing. Your Grätzl” is a bit like a village within the city.

What’s your relation to the Neubau district?
I would love to live here, but unfortunately, I cannot afford it.

Stefan: I live in the neighbour district, Josephstadt. It’s quite similar, the buildings and structure are very much the same.

Silvio: I also love to walk along Neubaugasse. My new gym is located in Neubau, so I hopefully will be here more often soon.

Do you have any must-see tips for non-locals?
The Café Europa is a must. On the weekends, you can get the best breakfast there. Then there’s the Café Ritter on Mariahilfer Street which is one of the more traditional viennese coffee houses.

Patricia: The restaurant Sapa is urgut” for eating summer rolls. And I agree, Café Europa is a great place where you always accidentally land.

Silvio: You can also find many secondhand shops in Neubau. Humana is always good for hidden vintage gems.

Patricia: And there is an organic food shop at Neubaugasse that is called Reformhaus Buchmüller. It’s run by some really nice ladies and the food there is great.

Stefan: And if you like Falafel, Maschu Maschu is the perfect place for you. I love to go there after being at my hairdresser who has his shop nearby.

Summer is coming closer and closer. Tell us, where can we find the best ice-cream in the whole of Vienna?
Veganista. They also have a shop in Neubau.

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Do you have any favorite flavours?
I love this blue kids ice cream. And I would love to try bubble gum. And the very dark chocolate ice-cream you can find in Italy tastes so great. And toppings are the best. I need to have some candy sprinkles on my cone.

Patricia: I am either one extreme or the other. I like rather boring flavours like chocolate or strawberry or I am the first who tries the most extravagant kinds. The last one was ice-cream made out of goat milk.

Stefan: Basil is also suprisingly good. And cookies.

Maze: I rather tend to like the standard one — strawberry, banana or citrus.

You all wear glasses by neubau eyewear today and the sustainable collection just came out. Does sustainability play a role in your life as well?
I definitely think that it is important to be reflective about what you consume everyday. Especially when it comes to clothes – it’s ridiculous to permanently buy new things. And I think it’s great when a brand places importance on these things.

Do you have any examples from your everyday life where you act sustainable?
I use cotton bags when going to the grocery store. I try to avoid buying plastic bags as much as I can.

Stefan: Me and my girlfriend only use organic cosmetics, from our toothpaste to our shower gel. They don’t contain micro plastics and are therefore less harmful for our drinking water. Even small steps in the right direction can already make a change. If everyone acted a bit more consciously, the world would be a much better place.

Photography by Berit Ransmayr, Words by Laura Waldschmidt

05 May 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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