Insider’s access to the latest neubau shoot across the pond

Clean lines, modern aesthetics and the latest collection from neubau.

Pablo Picasso said, Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” When considering the latest locations for our campaign shoot, we must have been working very hard because inspiration certainly found us with these incredible spaces in London and Surrey.
If these aesthetically pristine locations look like they’re straight out of an architectural magazine, that’s because they are! Spacious, modern and minimalist, they both have the rare quality of looking utterly photogenic and utterly liveable. Inspired by modern architecture and design, the neubau glasses looked very much part of the minimalist spaces as if we had found them there. 

Greenways, Surrey

Greenways Surrey 0001
Greenways Surrey 0026
190513 NEUBAU 010 019 v3 RGB
190513 NEUBAU 070 1008 v1 RGB

Winner of the Manser Medal 2017 and the Sunday Times Large House of the Year Award, it’s no wonder that this home inspires effusive oohing and ahhing from all visitors. Ultra-modern yet welcoming, this location features a curved design, which invites the eye to wonder while inviting the spirit to rest and consider the benefits of hibernation. 

With a bio pond in which you can swim, this home is truly something straight out of a movie. Dive into your creative side and let the curved lines of this suburban wonder inspire you much like neubau’s latest collection. 

190513 NEUBAU 070 1085 v1 RGB

Litchfield, London

Lichfield E3 new london houses 001 1200x800
Lichfield E3 new london houses 014 1200x1801

So many visuals come to mind when hearing the description mid-century modern with an LA vibe” but we can bet that in the case of this awe-inspiring space, the reality is far better than anything you could imagine. 

Located nearby Victoria Park and The Regents canal, its location alone is worthy of praise, however, one would be forgiven for forgetting one’s whereabouts entirely when inside this walnut-hued property. Designed to invite natural light, the thoughtful design of this space is only highlighted by golden shimmers of sunlight that enhanced the urban spirit of the neubau glasses. 

190513 NEUBAU 190 3099 v1 RGB
190513 NEUBAU 160 2621 v1 RGB
190513 NEUBAU 180 3004 v1 RGB
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