For our latest campaign, which was shot in South Africa, we were honored to work with an inspiring woman – Faith Johnson. Born in Lagos, Nigeria and now living in Cape Town, South Africa she has conquered the fashion world.

Through her profession as a model, she has learned to stop comparing herself to others, and to deal with herself instead, to let things take their course, because that's how you can get the best out of everything. She would like to pass this advice on to others, because even if you experience rejection you should remain true to yourself.

We talked to Faith about her interpretation of “Harmony of Opposites” and her experience of working with NEUBAU EYEWEAR.

Tell us something about yourself: How did you get into modeling?

I was scouted at church. It’s a bit of a funny story but just a guy from church spoke to my mum about me modeling and she agreed.

It’s been a super amazing journey. I’ve worked with brands like Christian Dior back in 2019, walked Paris fashion week and worked with brands like Zalando and Desigual from Germany and Spain. Modeling never really feels like work for me because I’ve learned to make the best out of everything while being grateful for the things and people in my life.

What inspires you personally?

My family. I always say it’s really not about me. I just love being there for them and they make me so happy and keep me going.

Harmony of Opposites means the perfect interplay of natural opposites. What does “Harmony of Opposites” mean to you?

Harmony of opposites means balance to me. Like they say you work hard, play hard, apart from modeling I’m currently training for my Pilates certificate so for me it’s about balancing work, and every other aspect of my life and trying to have fun and be happy.

Can you give us a look behind the scenes from the campaign shoot? How was the experience for you?

I had so much fun on set, locations were on point, I really enjoyed shooting with Nadia. It was such a chilled atmosphere. The eyewear is really light, and I loved working for NEUBAU.

Which picture from the shoot is your favorite?

The red jacket look. We were by the river for that particular shot and everything about it was really cool. I felt like I was in a matrix movie. Hahaha

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If you had to choose: blue or red?

Hmmm…I really prefer blue but I’ll be going with red this time.

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