In conversation with collaging artist María Sylvia Llamozas

Maria Sylvia Llamozas is a collaging artist from Venezuela, now living in Barcelona and started creating collages because of how collages can convey a message through a single image created from very different segments.

What strange times we're currently living in with the social distancing rules in place and everybody being stuck at home away from their friends and family. Because right now you should find the balance, surround yourself with positivity, and perhaps discover new hobbies for yourself. Above all, it was important for us to create the possibility to give the neubau community a platform to come together when everyday life seems too stressful. In a small art series, three enchanting and uprising artists have taken the time to incorporate our new Côte du Soleil Collection into their work and created extraordinary pieces of art.The first artist we want you to get to know is Maria Sylvia Llamozas.

In order to allow you guys to get to know Maria a bit more, we asked her a few of some of your top questions!
Maria Sylvia Llamozas is a collaging artist from Venezuela, now living in Barcelona and started creating collages because of how collages can convey a message through a single image created from very different segments.

Her favourite style is creating wide ranges of collages using scissors, from Mickey Mouse pop culture themes to imagery used from vintage advertisements. In doing so she has built a global following across social media, who she loves to teach new skills to via DIY clips that she uploads.

What are your tips to get distracted during this "special" time? What do you do while social distancing?

I'm quite lucky in the sense that being a freelancer I work from home, so the adaptation process has been easy for me. I do seem to be doing lots more cooking and cleaning than ever before however!
I find that having a morning routine allows me to keep a positive mindset and a clear vision for the day ahead. I usually start off by meditating and doing some yoga. I'll then have some breakfast and take my dog for a walk.
I've had lots of extra time to work on my collage projects and tapping into online classes. I've also been able to help my photographer husband in creative photoshoots which has been fun.
I keep in touch with friends and family online as much as possible, to keep me positive and happy. When the boredom eventually kicks in, I'll find a good series or movie to get stuck into and I always have my dog to play with and keep me entertained too!

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What is your biggest inspiration? What was your biggest inspiration when you started?

Currently, my biggest source of inspiration is gratitude for being able to do what I love. This gives me the fuel and drive I need to continue my work and to set myself goals so that I can continue on this path.

Back when I first started doing collages, my biggest inspiration was making an impression through my work. I am a journalist by profession and I love how collages can convey a message through a single image. But it is true that today we are overexposed to images and creating something that would catch someone’s attention whether they liked it or not was something that really inspired me to create and learn more about this medium.

What is art for you?

For me, art is expression. It's a manifestation of an idea or emotion. But for me, it’s also a source of inspiration. It allows me to connect with other artists through their work, and allows me to see the world through different perspectives. Art is a way of travelling through shape and color.

What are your tips for an art newbie to get started and how would you recommend to promote your art? Which channels are you using?

Work, work, work! It’s the best way to create a portfolio, to get better at what you do, and to develop a personal style. Sometimes it is tough creating without a purpose, so for this, I always recommend making up projects of things you would love to work with! Want to work with a brand? Find any local brand or a friend that you can create a project with to show your skills, and keep going from there.
Instagram has definitely been the best channel for me to create a community, discover new artists, connect with art directors and different brands for my projects. Having a portfolio on a website or a Behance profile is also great when people want to see more of your work than just your Instagram feed.


Do you have tips to integrate sustainable pieces into your work?

Making collages is all about repurposing and giving things a second life as an artwork, and I love how sustainable that is. From magazines to newspapers to photographs, you can include near enough anything into a collage. Even plants or travel tickets, the options really are endless. It’s one of the main things that fascinates me about this medium.

If you had to choose 3 colors to paint with for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

I love black and white, but people do argue as to whether or not they are actual colours or not. So the three I'd choose would be red, yellow and blue.
These colors are amazing on their own but because they are primary colours, I can combine them to create lots of different colours too.

Which comments do you hear the most, when you tell people that you are an artist?

I think that the first question I usually get is if they can see some of my creations. After this, some people like to share their creations with me and a discussion around inspiration is started. A lot of people tell me that I'm very creative and that they could never do something like that, which I always find shocking because yes you can!

You don’t really need more skills than knowing how to cut in order to create a collage. Also in my experience from teaching people, they get hooked once they discover all of the different possibilities and variations of collage, so I always encourage people to try it for themselves before assuming they'd be no good at it.

Would you rather have dinner with Bob Ross or Pablo Picasso?

I'd definitely choose Picasso in a heartbeat. He has always been an important reference for me and he is one of the great pioneers of collage art. He lived for many years in Barcelona where I currently live. I can imagine talking to him about his favourite things to do in the city, about the process that he uses and his inspiration. I think I'd love hearing stories from the amazing times that he lived in.
Find Maria on Instagram: @iallamozas

09 Jul 2020 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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