In conversation with artist Natacha Paschal

Natacha Paschal is a painter based in Paris who takes inspiration from fashion magazines and advertising. We asked how she is coping with the current situation and what she is doing while social distancing.

In extraordinary times like these, we have made it our mission to bring distraction to everyone's home. Because right now you should find the balance, not only surround yourself with negativity, and perhaps discover new hobbies for yourself. Above all, it was important for us to create the possibility to give the neubau community a platform to come together when everyday life seems too stressful. In a small art series, 3 enchanting and uprising artists have taken the time to incorporate our new Côte du Soleil Collection into their work and created extraordinary pieces of art.

One of them is Natacha Paschal. Natacha Paschal is a painter based in Paris who takes inspiration from fashion magazines and advertising. Her 'Fake Vogue' illustrations hint at the dark side of the fashion industry. The women she portrays, don't live up to traditional beauty standards but are wild and free. Her art shows the real beauty in people, without portraying the typical women in the fashion industry.In her art, Natacha loves to use bright colors, especially red tones and one of the characteristics that you will find in almost all her artworks are juicy lips on the women she is picturing. In a little Interview, we asked Natacha a few intimate questions that we don't want to withhold from you.

Since it is a special time at the moment. What are your tips to get distracted during this "special" time? What do you do while social distancing?

There is a very heavy feeling of Isolation over here in Paris but during those special times I have been doing a lot of Kundalini Yoga and meditation and enjoyed the closeness with myself, trying to go deeper in me and found out there is so much to discover in ourselves when you can't discover the outside world! I've also been working a lot, this part didn't change for me as I am used to working from home.

What is your biggest inspiration? What was your biggest inspiration when you started?

My biggest inspirations are women and the representation of women in media and society. I've always been attracted by mainstream culture iconography and the impact it has on people. More globally my work is about mind control and at what point we are being told what to do, even when we think it's not the case because of the society thought-forms who are not even ours and their imprint in our subconscious.

Which comments do you hear the most, when you tell people that you are an artist?

People love artists! They are always so nice and excited about it! It's a nice ice breaker and a good way to start a conversation, they want to know more about it, see pictures of the pieces I do and want to know what inspires me. And most of the time they tell me that they have no artistic or creative talent, whereas I think it's the opposite and we are all artists, creativity is part of being human, you just have to get in touch with it and find out your special thing!

What is art for you?

Vast question. For me art is about honesty, everything can be art from the moment it comes sincerely from you, no matter how it looks, the beauty or ugliness, the shape, or the medium. I love "l'art naïf" and children drawing because of that, doing without wondering, but for the necessity of it.

Do you have tips to integrate sustainable pieces into your work?

In my work, I'm all about big branding, logo and consumer society, the fashion industry is one of the worst things for the planet pollution and I like to insist on the ridiculous and sadness of having to wear some things to feel "valid", whereas in my personal life I'm being very conscious and careful of what I buy, eat and consume. It's been more than 2 years that I stopped buying fast fashion and prefer to invest in some caring designer brand even if it means I have to buy less.

If you had to choose 3 colors to paint with for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Pink, green, black.

Would you rather have dinner with Bob Ross or Pablo Picasso?

Pablo Picasso! The guy is doing just one line and it's beautiful, I will never get tired of his work and the Pablo Picasso museum in Paris is one of my favorite.

What are your tips for an art newbie to get started and how would you recommend promoting your art? Which channels are you using?

My tips would be to go after your vision, doing what you like, and gives you energy and not losing time trying to do what people expect or want to see. It's so important to have fun and I think you can see it on the result. Also breathe and just go, let your hands to their things! To promote I love Instagram and it is the only Channel I use at the moment, it's a great way to share your art and discover others one!

Find Natacha on Instagram: @natachapaschal

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