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Immortal trend: gold forever

From El Dorado to the bling of today’s pop culture, from the hoop earrings of the Chola dynasty to those dainty little rings and septum piercings worn by trendy hipsters, gold, apart from being a precious metal of consistent value, is one thing most of all: the one characteristic color that transcends all geographical and cultural differences, variations and boundaries.

No other color has so consistently represented the beautiful, the desirable and the noble. Fashion enthusiasts and designers have been acutely aware of this, which is why no season and no fashion week ever passes without gold grabbing some of the attention. The timeless beauty of gold provides inspiration across all genres, and innovative eyewear design is no exception – au contraire, gold is the new specialty of the young Austrian brand neubau eyewear. Its golden boys’n’girls Leo, Paul and Alex come along with the highest standards both in looks and comfort. And they perfectly suit the festive season, are we right?

Find all the golden frames on neubau​-eyewear​.com

Photography by Antonia Mayer

08 Dec 2016 · neubau eyewear
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