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New York born independent artist "I Am Snow Angel" talks inspiration and creative freedom

While some may dread the winter season, this New York born and bred artist finds it the season where she truly can flourish.

We’d like to intro­duce you to artist I Am Snow Angel, a quaint soul raised in the moun­tains of upstate New York, we talk to the singer, song­writer and pro­duc­er about her start, her influ­ences, aspi­ra­tions and where we’ll find her next…

First of all let’s start with your name, where does I AM SNOW ANGEL sprout from?
It popped into my head and just felt nat­ur­al to me. I grew up in the Adiron­dack Moun­tains of New York state, where we have very cold, snowy win­ters. I’ve also always felt con­nect­ed to spir­i­tu­al and mys­ti­cal imagery, so it felt like my name.

What’s your favorite amuse­ment when there’s snow in NY?
Grow­ing up in Lake Placid, I skied almost every day dur­ing the win­ter – I raced when I was in school, and then lat­er I taught ski­ing at White­face. Now that I live in the city, I bare­ly ever ski, but I do love ice skat­ing. I don’t go often enough! I’m going to make it a point to go skat­ing a bunch of times this winter.

Where does your musi­cal inspi­ra­tion come from?
I am for­tu­nate that ideas are con­stant­ly flood­ing my mind – some of them are real­ly great, some are not. I get a lot of inspi­ra­tion from nature. I also write about almost any­thing that cross­es my mind. I nev­er know what will turn into a mean­ing­ful song until I try it.

As an inde­pen­dent artist do you have any aspi­ra­tions to be part of a label?
Hmm… if the par­tic­u­lar deal makes sense, then of course, yes. Am I des­per­ate to be signed to a label? No.

So your free­dom as an inde­pen­dent artist is the most impor­tant?
Keep­ing my artis­tic free­dom is very impor­tant to me.

You’ve pre­formed around var­i­ous cafés and bars, where do you feel most at home per­form­ing?
I love play­ing on the Low­er East Side of New York City. There are some great venues there – I love Rock­wood Music Hall and Mer­cury Lounge. I’ve been able to explore my live sound while per­form­ing at these clubs and it’s been a won­der­ful experience.

If you could col­lab­o­rate with any artists who would it be?
I’ve had a long time fan­ta­sy of singing with Matt Berninger (from The Nation­al and EL VY).

How do you pre­pare your­self before a per­for­mance?
I prac­tice a lot. And then I drink tea and meditate.

What effect does new age technology/​inter­net have on the way you make music?
For me, the effect is real­ly sub­stan­tial. I pro­duce and engi­neer all of my own mate­r­i­al, so I rely heav­i­ly on tech­nol­o­gy to make music – both in the stu­dio, and in live set­tings – my show involves live elec­tron­ic pro­duc­tion and lights. And of course, the inter­net is an essen­tial tool for inde­pen­dent artists to get their music out into the world.

Being a female pro­duc­er still seems to be a note­wor­thy fact… Why’s that? Can you feel a change in the indus­try towards more equal­i­ty?
It’s note­wor­thy because there are rel­a­tive­ly few female pro­duc­ers. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, the field of music pro­duc­tion has been very male dom­i­nat­ed. I do believe that the land­scape is becom­ing more equi­table as female pro­duc­ers band togeth­er and become more vis­i­ble, and as more women and girls learn about audio production.

You cov­ered Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on Fire”, what mem­o­ry comes in your mind when lis­ten­ing to the orig­i­nal ver­sion?
I remem­ber sit­ting in the back of my par­ents’ car as a kid and hear­ing the song on the radio and think­ing, this song is amaz­ing. I loved the whole vibe and mood. I had no idea who was singing it, or even what it was about, but it was a favorite of mine from the moment I heard it.

Could you tell us a nice/​funny/​crazy expe­ri­ence that hap­pened to you when wear­ing your neubau eye­wear glass­es?
I’ve been iso­lat­ing myself in a cab­in in the woods for the last few weeks to record my next album in iso­la­tion. I have worn my amaz­ing neubau glass­es out­side in the neg­a­tive-ten degree Fahren­heit weath­er and they have worked great! Some­how, they’re not fog­ging up. It’s miraculous.

What can we expect from I AM SNOW ANGEL in 2017?
Lots of new music!

For updates on I Am Snow Angel includ­ing tour dates and more check out her Face­book page HERE.

13 Apr 2017 · neubau eyewear