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How to create your very own Wes Anderson universe in 5 simple steps

He is the Willy Wonka of movie direction, appreciating the smallest details in his brown signature cord suit, transforming every-day themes into fairytales and creating visual standout work.

His films are composed of seemingly endless 24 images per-second, which every snippet is worth being framed and nailed to the wall. Wesley Wales Anderson’s stills comprise a whole cosmos of stories so much so that his films have already gone down in design-history. Conceptualized chaos, overly weird realness and iconography in every sticker, patch, brooch or eyeliner represent the Wes Anderson style. We are going to turn the next page to his universe in five easy steps.

The first step: Jump on the yellow submarine aka the Life Aquatic

Citron, buttermilk and sunflower (seeds) could be a recipe for a Sunday afternoon cake, served on Grandma’s best gold-rim tableware atop a 60s wax-tea cloth. However, in this case they are constantly recurring shades, shaping the inner life of Wes Anderson’s settings. Yellow is not everybody’s cup of tea but definitely worth considering twice, especially in combination with super-retro design furniture.

The second step: Wandering through audio-kingdoms

Piano bar tinkling meets Rock n’ Roll meets elevator music and campfire sounds. Anderson’s choice of soundtrack is as diverse as his visual style is consistent. He brought some of the most memorable movie-music interactive to life, revived old classics and thankfully made record players cool again. Let’s spin the turntables and whirl into some other decade with these 10 songs:

  1. Artie Shaw The Chant”
  2. Chet Baker Alone Together”
  3. The Rolling Stones 2000 man”
  4. Seu Jorge Rebel Rebel”
  5. Love Seven and Seven is”
  6. The Who A quick one, while he’s away”
  7. David Bowie Life on Mars”
  8. The Faces Ooh La La”
  9. Ramones Judy is a Punk”
  10. The Beach Boys Heroes and villains”

Third step: Looking like a royal

Three-striped tack suit, sweat-band, fur coat and adult sized tennis dress, the Tennenbaum’s sure knew how to style. Margot as a muse for Prada, Miu Miu and Fendi, established the sporty-casual and feminine look. Anderson creates innovative clothing that makes his characters come to life. Adapted into the real world, Anderson sets a new standard for original style.

The forth step: Unlimited education

To dive into Wes Anderson’s magical safe havens it is not enough to just look and live like Anthony, Richie or Sam. We have to absorb the feeling by educating ourselves by watching and reading Anderson’s inspirations. His favorite movie is Rosemary’s Baby’, he quotes The Godfather’ in his first film and he also loves Fellini and The Graduate.’ Ingmar Bergmann’s Tystnaden’ was the interior inspiration for the Grand Budapest Hotel’ and he educated himself on Stefan Zweig and Cousteau books. What better way to create one’s own parallel universe than by drawing inspiration from favorite films and novels?

The last step: Visit Rushmore, New Penzance Island and Budapest

After reinventing Anderson’s universe internally and externally, the final step is to explore the real world. Places like Bar Luce’ in Milan was designed by Wes Anderson for Prada and oozes the scenery of an eerie Anderson love scene. Visit Gorlitzer Warenhaus,’ an old art nouveau shopping centre and shooting location for the Grand Budapest Hotel,’ or walk the streets of Anderson’s favorite places in Paris and Viktualienmarkt’ in Munich. Travel to eras enabled by the pink interior of Sketch’ in London or the new Berlin diner Louise Pretty.’ Wes Anderson’s inspiration is worldwide and it’s time to explore.

11 May 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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