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Blog 1605 Wes Anderson The Grand Budapest Hotel

How to create your very own Wes Anderson universe in 5 simple steps

He is the Willy Wonka of movie direction, appreciating the smallest details in his brown signature cord suit, transforming every-day themes into fairytales and creating visual standout work.

His films are com­posed of seem­ing­ly end­less 24 images per-sec­ond, which every snip­pet is worth being framed and nailed to the wall. Wes­ley Wales Anderson’s stills com­prise a whole cos­mos of sto­ries so much so that his films have already gone down in design-his­to­ry. Con­cep­tu­al­ized chaos, over­ly weird real­ness and iconog­ra­phy in every stick­er, patch, brooch or eye­lin­er rep­re­sent the Wes Ander­son style. We are going to turn the next page to his uni­verse in five easy steps.

The first step: Jump on the yellow submarine aka the Life Aquatic

Cit­ron, but­ter­milk and sun­flower (seeds) could be a recipe for a Sun­day after­noon cake, served on Grandma’s best gold-rim table­ware atop a 60s wax-tea cloth. How­ev­er, in this case they are con­stant­ly recur­ring shades, shap­ing the inner life of Wes Anderson’s set­tings. Yel­low is not everybody’s cup of tea but def­i­nite­ly worth con­sid­er­ing twice, espe­cial­ly in com­bi­na­tion with super-retro design furniture.

The second step: Wandering through audio-kingdoms

Piano bar tin­kling meets Rock n’ Roll meets ele­va­tor music and camp­fire sounds. Anderson’s choice of sound­track is as diverse as his visu­al style is con­sis­tent. He brought some of the most mem­o­rable movie-music inter­ac­tive to life, revived old clas­sics and thank­ful­ly made record play­ers cool again. Let’s spin the turnta­bles and whirl into some oth­er decade with these 10 songs:

  1. Artie Shaw The Chant”
  2. Chet Bak­er Alone Together”
  3. The Rolling Stones 2000 man”
  4. Seu Jorge Rebel Rebel”
  5. Love Sev­en and Sev­en is”
  6. The Who A quick one, while he’s away”
  7. David Bowie Life on Mars”
  8. The Faces Ooh La La”
  9. Ramones Judy is a Punk”
  10. The Beach Boys Heroes and villains”

Third step: Looking like a royal

Three-striped tack suit, sweat-band, fur coat and adult sized ten­nis dress, the Tennenbaum’s sure knew how to style. Mar­got as a muse for Pra­da, Miu Miu and Fen­di, estab­lished the sporty-casu­al and fem­i­nine look. Ander­son cre­ates inno­v­a­tive cloth­ing that makes his char­ac­ters come to life. Adapt­ed into the real world, Ander­son sets a new stan­dard for orig­i­nal style.

The forth step: Unlimited education

To dive into Wes Anderson’s mag­i­cal safe havens it is not enough to just look and live like Antho­ny, Richie or Sam. We have to absorb the feel­ing by edu­cat­ing our­selves by watch­ing and read­ing Anderson’s inspi­ra­tions. His favorite movie is Rosemary’s Baby’, he quotes The God­fa­ther’ in his first film and he also loves Felli­ni and The Grad­u­ate.’ Ing­mar Bergmann’s Tyst­naden’ was the inte­ri­or inspi­ra­tion for the Grand Budapest Hotel’ and he edu­cat­ed him­self on Ste­fan Zweig and Cousteau books. What bet­ter way to cre­ate one’s own par­al­lel uni­verse than by draw­ing inspi­ra­tion from favorite films and novels?

The last step: Visit Rushmore, New Penzance Island and Budapest

After rein­vent­ing Anderson’s uni­verse inter­nal­ly and exter­nal­ly, the final step is to explore the real world. Places like Bar Luce’ in Milan was designed by Wes Ander­son for Pra­da and oozes the scenery of an eerie Ander­son love scene. Vis­it Gor­l­itzer Waren­haus,’ an old art nou­veau shop­ping cen­tre and shoot­ing loca­tion for the Grand Budapest Hotel,’ or walk the streets of Anderson’s favorite places in Paris and Vik­tu­alien­markt’ in Munich. Trav­el to eras enabled by the pink inte­ri­or of Sketch’ in Lon­don or the new Berlin din­er Louise Pret­ty.’ Wes Anderson’s inspi­ra­tion is world­wide and it’s time to explore.

11 May 2016 · neubau eyewear