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How International Press Discovered Walter & Wassily Time Traveling in Berlin

Adventure over press releases: We invited journalists from all over the world to find out more about our Bauhaus-inspired special edition in a curated experience out and about in the German capital.

If you have been checking in with us lately you will already know: Ever since we launched our special edition Walter & Wassily this month, we have been fully immersed in the Bauhaus era and it's inspiration on the design language informing our new standout sunglasses. We definitely caught the Bauhaus fever, which has been taking ahold of so many art and architecture lovers around the design school's 100th anniversary this year.

With all the rich context, the many stories to tell around Walter & Wassily and their namesake Bauhaus masterminds Walter Gropius and Wassily Kandinsky, we invited international press to Berlin to discover the roots of the movement and how the legendary ethos to blend art and functionality is mirrored in Walter & Wassily.

Kicking off the day with our guests from all over the world we had the opportunity to learn more about the movement at a guided tour through "Bauhaus Imaginista" at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, in itself a true architectural treasure of Berlin. The exhibition shines a light on the political and societal landscape out of which the iconic school of design and thinking emerged, the internal struggles and hypocrisies as well as the strong political pressure ultimately shattering the movements core. The beautifully curated collection also visualizes how the Bauhaus ethos and philosophy carried on in so many artists' oeuvres, cherry picking from the manifold of visionary values and ideas.

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To not only feed our souls but also our bodies, our guests were later invited to experience another incredible venue breathing the spirit of the 1920: Dinner was hosted at Theater im Delphi, a breathtaking silent movie theatre built in 1929 in the Berlin district Weissensee, which was known as "Little Hollywood" due to the many film productions located in the area. The theatre was woven into the history of film in Berlin, screening silent movie masterpieces such as the legendary The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari which was shot in the area around it.

Wrapping our international guests in a sound carpet of live piano music they got to discover the collection within a playground of colours and shapes, mirrors and pedestals, custom-created for the evening. Desert was accompanied by a surprise live gig by singer Fetsum, who holds a special place in Berlin's heart ever since hosting his legendary fundraiser concerts to benefit refugees - uniting the best of German artists to support this essential cause. His upcoming edition of PxP (Peace by Peace) Festival will be held on June 1st – International Children's Day, "to help build a more peaceful future for the younger generation."
Not only Fetsum's courage and social activism speak volumes, so do his soulful R&B songs which he shared with us, completing this very special day with yet another highlight.

Come along and discover this day with us...

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