Celebrating honey in all shapes and shades with the Honeybee Conservancy

As more and more people are leading their lives in the city, it has become increasingly important to not loose sight of the creatures much tinier, but not any less impactful, than us.

As does the Honeybee Conservancy from New York, a non-profit organisation entirely dedicated to fight the bee crisis and support them in their benefitting of our environment, as well as in their production of our beloved honey. Teaming up with the Honeybee Conservancy as part of their See & Do Good initiative – and just in time for the international honey month – neubau eyewear has teamed up with the Honeybee Conservancy to not only create their own delicious honey, but also to help in their quest of placing hives and bees in community gardens and urban farms all around New York, creating a stunning symbiosis between the power of nature and our now mostly urban environment.

Hailing from neubau eyewear’s distinct love for design, the pair also created a polymer of sustainably crafted glasses, with more than half of the materials used being renewable and sourced from the seeds of the castor bean oil plants. An important reminder to not loose sight of even the smallest parts of our communities as we together strive to leave a big impact, get a glimpse of neubau eyewear’s partnership with the Honeybee Conservancy in our video above – or as Guillermo Fernandez, director of the Honeybee Conservacy, says Sometimes hope comes in the smallest of sizes – sometimes it comes in the shape of a bee.”

Photography by Isabel O’Toole

25 Sep 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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