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We are proud members of the generation of changemakers. Our mission as a business is to realize our ideals through authentic, premium eyewear for the sustainable avantgarde. We want to choose consciously without compromise on aesthetics. The intelligently designed eyecatchers in our proud new studio collection Harmony of Opposites speak just that.

If you look at anything in life, it always seems to be about balance. The fashion industry too, has always been experimenting with opposing elements. The masculine and feminine, goth versus angelic. It was the recently passed legendary Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz who said, that when an outfit and the wearer’s emotions are in harmony, it works radiantly from within.

Together, in a harmony of opposites.

What the elements are for nature, emotions are for people. Our everyday lives would not feel so full of joy and wonder in the absence of fear and the fury. That is something the past few years have been reminding us of. We incorporated this universal truth in our collection through materials and aesthetics, combining high-quality durable titanium with minimalistic designs to create a collection that is truly unique.

Balance also means harmony, a feeling of calm originating from the interplay between different elements. We took this into account for our new studio collection through a carefully picked color palette. The campaign too, showcases a balanced counterplay between blues and reds, resulting in a sensation, that all the elements scattered over the images are in the same place.

Patterns in fashion, music, art, or any other type of cultural expression, show us that when opposites come together, wholeness is born. We applied this secret to sustainable fashion.

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