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These brands have a secret about being eco-friendly

It's safe to say that most of us don't think twice when it comes to what really goes into the clothing we spend money on and clothe our bodies with.

Now that sustainable fashion is gradually on the rise, and society is trying to find ways to reduce climate change, we found that even the most high street brands are slowly but surely making the move. We’ve put together a list of on and off the radar brands that are worth getting to know a little bit better as their values are more than you think…

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As a child we thought Patagonia was the lamest thing around, since recent this outerwear brand has made a rather cool comeback. Branching out from targeting nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts the California born brand is feeling fresh. Being cool isn’t exactly something they’re looking for, since established in 1973, their main target was and still to this day is to create a strong sustainable message, and lucky for them they have managed to do exactly that. From shoes, to sleeping bags and your favorite windbreaker you’ll find that not only will their product last you a life time but the materials such as hemp, organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester and many more have come a far way to become the most ethical and environmental friendly reproduction in fashion.

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Folk Days

Berlin is home to one of our most beloved and fair trade brands- Folk Days. It’s not everyday that you find designers that travel to the source of where they gather their materials used in their collections, nonetheless with Folk Days it’s part of what they stand for. Since 2013 when founder Lisa Jaspers created the brand she has traveled to over ten countries to find the right people and crafts men who share the same belief. Now three years later Jaspers owns her very own store in the heart of Berlin’s lively Kreuzberg district holding a range of sustainable accessories and minimal garments. Still strongly holding onto their eternal promise: a life that is inspired by style as well as sustainability.

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Nude by Nature

Off the body and onto the face, a market that has an even larger gap than with clothing- cosmetics. The cosmetic industry is a tough one when it comes to cruelty free and organic ingredients, Australian makers of Nude by Nature on the other hand, seem to think differently.

Staying far away from the traditional elements such as Talc, Silicon, Phthalates and Sulphates that we seem to have no problem rubbing onto our faces even though they are highly chemical. Nude by Nature takes a different approach onto their line of products using only natural additives to create a complete natural and effortless look.

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Now this is one brand that we have all over our radars, the Brazilian shoe makers of Veja who strongly stand for quality, sustainability, support in climate change and of course style. Every detail of what goes into a pair of shoes has a story behind it, their message environmental protection is very clear through the way they market themselves as a brand. Veja buys cotton from over 300 families who live from organic farming in South America as well as supporting cow farms of fair trade leather. The most important material used is the rubber used to produce the soles of the shoes, a very specific type of rubber found in the Amazon which is the only place in the entire world where rubber trees grow wild. How’s that for thought.

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For those of you who have the endless struggles trying to find the perfect under garments, this one is for you. Woron is a Danish lingerie brand founded by sisters Anya and Ariana Woron, the two built the line with the aim to feel good with every step you take within the body and the mind, hence the sustainable line. Their timeless pieces come at extremely affordable prices.

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