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Golpira: Fair trade gold jewelry

Back in 2013 Berlin based designer Gisa Golpira had an idea: she founded her brand GOLPIRA - no dirty gold with the aim to offer her female audience luxury, sustainability and craftsmanship in combination with unique aesthetics.

Twice a year she adds new creations to her beautifully curated portfolio that satisfies the bohemian classic.

However, the look of the jewellery is not even GOLPIRAs best feature; as she grew up in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea with gold mining parents, she knows exactly how horrible working situations in the metal industry can be. Striving to create an ethical label, Gisa ensures all the gold nuggets used in her jewelry are found by her parents who are still residing in the PNG rainforest. Everything is done with the highest social and ecological correctness. Frame Of Mind wanted to get to know Gisa Golpira and her outstanding concept better.

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… is important because the choices and action of today effect everything we do in the future.


…not for every price. They say always make sure to love what you are doing, but I know that there are a lot of people that have no other choice than to do work, that they actually do not like — I really appreciate did I can follow my passion. I feel blessed that I love my job.

Blog 1603 Golpira Frame Of Mind


I see perfection in imperfection.


Get out of your comfort zone and experience life. Life is an adventure!

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A major part of my work as a fine jewellery designer for Golpira is to sensitively develop the right design for each individually formed piece of gold. When it comes to people I can picture the same. It’s one of our greatest challenges in life to shape and develop our own magical uniqueness to become the best version of ourselves. I am impressed when I meet people who accept this challenge and shine bright in a way only they can.


I will always have a special connection to rainforests. It’s the place I feel very close to mothernature and the place that inspires me the most.

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Craftsmanship is the only way I can imagine how my products should be produced. I love the idea of understanding each and every step of my production from the actual gold digging process to packaging, and being able to show this to my customers. It’s the best way to give love to every detail.

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I feel at home in different places around the globe. I grew up in Peru and Germany. After school I travelled for three years around Australia, Asia and Europe. I still try to travel as often as possible but I think that I’m not attached to a special place.


I hope people automatically associate gold nugget fine jewelry with Golpira one day.

13 Apr 2016 · neubau eyewear
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