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Blog 1603 Golpira Frame Of Mind 4

Golpira: Fair trade gold jewelry

Back in 2013 Berlin based designer Gisa Golpira had an idea: she founded her brand GOLPIRA - no dirty gold with the aim to offer her female audience luxury, sustainability and craftsmanship in combination with unique aesthetics.

Twice a year she adds new cre­ations to her beau­ti­ful­ly curat­ed port­fo­lio that sat­is­fies the bohemi­an classic.

How­ev­er, the look of the jew­ellery is not even GOLPI­RAs best fea­ture; as she grew up in the rain­for­est of Papua New Guinea with gold min­ing par­ents, she knows exact­ly how hor­ri­ble work­ing sit­u­a­tions in the met­al indus­try can be. Striv­ing to cre­ate an eth­i­cal label, Gisa ensures all the gold nuggets used in her jew­el­ry are found by her par­ents who are still resid­ing in the PNG rain­for­est. Every­thing is done with the high­est social and eco­log­i­cal cor­rect­ness. Frame Of Mind want­ed to get to know Gisa Golpi­ra and her out­stand­ing con­cept better.

Blog 1603 Golpira Frame Of Mind 3


… is impor­tant because the choic­es and action of today effect every­thing we do in the future.


…not for every price. They say always make sure to love what you are doing, but I know that there are a lot of peo­ple that have no oth­er choice than to do work, that they actu­al­ly do not like — I real­ly appre­ci­ate did I can fol­low my pas­sion. I feel blessed that I love my job.

Blog 1603 Golpira Frame Of Mind


I see per­fec­tion in imperfection.


Get out of your com­fort zone and expe­ri­ence life. Life is an adventure!

Blog 1603 Golpira Frame Of Mind 2


A major part of my work as a fine jew­ellery design­er for Golpi­ra is to sen­si­tive­ly devel­op the right design for each indi­vid­u­al­ly formed piece of gold. When it comes to peo­ple I can pic­ture the same. It’s one of our great­est chal­lenges in life to shape and devel­op our own mag­i­cal unique­ness to become the best ver­sion of our­selves. I am impressed when I meet peo­ple who accept this chal­lenge and shine bright in a way only they can.


I will always have a spe­cial con­nec­tion to rain­forests. It’s the place I feel very close to moth­er­na­ture and the place that inspires me the most.

Blog 1603 Golpira Frame Of Mind 5


Crafts­man­ship is the only way I can imag­ine how my prod­ucts should be pro­duced. I love the idea of under­stand­ing each and every step of my pro­duc­tion from the actu­al gold dig­ging process to pack­ag­ing, and being able to show this to my cus­tomers. It’s the best way to give love to every detail.

Blog 1603 Golpira Frame Of Mind 1


I feel at home in dif­fer­ent places around the globe. I grew up in Peru and Ger­many. After school I trav­elled for three years around Aus­tralia, Asia and Europe. I still try to trav­el as often as pos­si­ble but I think that I’m not attached to a spe­cial place.


I hope peo­ple auto­mat­i­cal­ly asso­ciate gold nugget fine jew­el­ry with Golpi­ra one day.

13 Apr 2016 · neubau eyewear