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Blog 1712 Fom Xmas Creative Couples 4
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Exploring the creative life of Milan couple Tosca & Danilo

The creative couple behind one of Milan's cultural hotspots, the store Gogol & Company, shares a very personal insight into its life – Tosca Bua and Danilo Dajelli let us know what it's like working with a partner, from owning a bookshop together, to having a child and living together. During the period of one week they documented their daily routine. Find out more about the beautiful, strong, and inspiring couple in the following:

To get to know you a bit: When and how did you two meet?

T: How and where I saw Dani­lo for the first time, I don’t remem­ber, what I do know, is when I fell in love with him. We were trav­el­ling, between Spain and Morocco.

D: A trip to Moroc­co all togeth­er and I fell hope­less­ly in love with her.

Blog 1712 Fom Xmas Creative Couples 1
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What was the first thing you noticed about the oth­er per­son?
T: His hands.

D: Her beau­ty. And her empa­thy. She was special.

What is his or her most out­stand­ing fea­ture to you today?
T: His tenac­i­ty and stubbornness.

D: Her beau­ty. And her way of liv­ing in a time we don’t belong to…

Blog 1712 Fom Xmas Creative Couples 2
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How do you man­age to com­bine your work rela­tion­ship and per­son­al rela­tion­ship? What came first: The per­son­al con­nec­tion or the con­nec­tion on a cre­ative lev­el?
T: We live togeth­er, work togeth­er, and we have a baby girl togeth­er. The book­shop is our sec­ond home, open to all, with­out mak­ing any dif­fer­ences. Doing a job that you like and that you chose means every­thing is pos­si­ble. If we don’t see each oth­er, if we wouldn’t live togeth­er, we would just stand still with­out any progress, so work­ing togeth­er is the solu­tion to be able to always move on.

D: We live in total sym­bio­sis, we work togeth­er and we love each oth­er at the same time. Ours is a bygone bond which doesn’t need the water­tight com­part­ments of mod­ern life. Our rela­tion­ship is based on believ­ing in fairy tales, above all our own. Cre­ativ­i­ty is a part of each of our dis­cus­sions, a rank­ing of what came before or after can­not exist.

How much is the oth­er per­son part of your own work and cre­ativ­i­ty?
T: I’d say 100%, he is a vision­ary, and so of con­tin­u­ous stimulation.

D: We do every­thing together.

Blog 1712 Fom Xmas Creative Couples 3

What is one place espe­cial­ly inte­gral to your rela­tion­ship? Why does it hold so much mean­ing?
T+D: A fun­da­men­tal place is one which gives us silence. Silence is our secret, which we can enjoy shame­less­ly. The sofa, too – when we had a com­fort­able one – it was real­ly impor­tant. And the sea. It brings us to life, it regen­er­ates us, it puri­fies us.

Which place makes you feel the most inspired?
T: There is no par­tic­u­lar phys­i­cal place that inspires me. Any place can inspire, know­ing how to lis­ten is enough. I have to say, any­way, that the inter­net isn’t bad.

D: The sea has been this place for years, and I think it will always help us. Recent­ly, the ter­race. I smoke and she talks.

Blog 1712 Fom Xmas Creative Couples 5

With the cold­er sea­son approach­ing, what would your per­fect win­ter day as a cou­ple look like?
T: A blan­ket and Net­flix. Even though he’d prob­a­bly only agree to Netflix…

D: Does the ques­tion refer to cou­ples in gen­er­al, or to us? In gen­er­al, I would say both of us under a blan­ket. In our case, her under the blan­ket try­ing to con­vince me to cov­er myself. I hate being under blan­kets, it irri­tates me. This is our ide­al day. Flip­ping out, teas­ing, loving.

And last­ly: If you would have to pick the per­fect Christ­mas present for your part­ner, what would he or she be the hap­pi­est with?
T: Let’s begin with the expla­na­tion that he hates Christ­mas and receiv­ing presents…

D: Right now, a car would make her hap­py, maybe an old Bee­tle (I’d like a black one). But maybe going to live togeth­er in a house of our own would also make her hap­py. In real­i­ty, it would be enough to choose a lilac col­ored eras­er and some pen­cils with gen­uine love. Maybe some mul­ti-col­ored tape.

Blog 1712 Fom Xmas Creative Couples 6
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