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Exploring the creative life of Milan couple Tosca & Danilo

The creative couple behind one of Milan's cultural hotspots, the store Gogol & Company, shares a very personal insight into its life – Tosca Bua and Danilo Dajelli let us know what it's like working with a partner, from owning a bookshop together, to having a child and living together. During the period of one week they documented their daily routine. Find out more about the beautiful, strong, and inspiring couple in the following:

To get to know you a bit: When and how did you two meet?

T: How and where I saw Danilo for the first time, I don’t remember, what I do know, is when I fell in love with him. We were travelling, between Spain and Morocco.

D: A trip to Morocco all together and I fell hopelessly in love with her.

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What was the first thing you noticed about the other person?
T: His hands.

D: Her beauty. And her empathy. She was special.

What is his or her most outstanding feature to you today?
T: His tenacity and stubbornness.

D: Her beauty. And her way of living in a time we don’t belong to…

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How do you manage to combine your work relationship and personal relationship? What came first: The personal connection or the connection on a creative level?
T: We live together, work together, and we have a baby girl together. The bookshop is our second home, open to all, without making any differences. Doing a job that you like and that you chose means everything is possible. If we don’t see each other, if we wouldn’t live together, we would just stand still without any progress, so working together is the solution to be able to always move on.

D: We live in total symbiosis, we work together and we love each other at the same time. Ours is a bygone bond which doesn’t need the watertight compartments of modern life. Our relationship is based on believing in fairy tales, above all our own. Creativity is a part of each of our discussions, a ranking of what came before or after cannot exist.

How much is the other person part of your own work and creativity?
T: I’d say 100%, he is a visionary, and so of continuous stimulation.

D: We do everything together.

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What is one place especially integral to your relationship? Why does it hold so much meaning?
T+D: A fundamental place is one which gives us silence. Silence is our secret, which we can enjoy shamelessly. The sofa, too – when we had a comfortable one – it was really important. And the sea. It brings us to life, it regenerates us, it purifies us.

Which place makes you feel the most inspired?
T: There is no particular physical place that inspires me. Any place can inspire, knowing how to listen is enough. I have to say, anyway, that the internet isn’t bad.

D: The sea has been this place for years, and I think it will always help us. Recently, the terrace. I smoke and she talks.

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With the colder season approaching, what would your perfect winter day as a couple look like?
T: A blanket and Netflix. Even though he’d probably only agree to Netflix…

D: Does the question refer to couples in general, or to us? In general, I would say both of us under a blanket. In our case, her under the blanket trying to convince me to cover myself. I hate being under blankets, it irritates me. This is our ideal day. Flipping out, teasing, loving.

And lastly: If you would have to pick the perfect Christmas present for your partner, what would he or she be the happiest with?
T: Let’s begin with the explanation that he hates Christmas and receiving presents…

D: Right now, a car would make her happy, maybe an old Beetle (I’d like a black one). But maybe going to live together in a house of our own would also make her happy. In reality, it would be enough to choose a lilac colored eraser and some pencils with genuine love. Maybe some multi-colored tape.

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