Get your favorite pair of neubau eyewear sunglasses online!

You can now shop our sunglasses in our newly launched online store.

For eyewear, professional guidance is particularly important, which is why we will stay focused on giving the best advice through our partner opticians worldwide. But right now, it’s summer and days by the sea, pool, lake, or on the city streets should feel endless.

And aren’t sunglasses the most important thing on hot summer days? We want to make it easier for you to shop your next pair of dream glasses — which you’ll take everywhere over the summer months — with our newly launched online store. In Austria and Germany, neubau eyewear sunglasses are just one click away, making this the perfect time to revisit our different shades.

Credit HFA Studio
Credit @hfa Studio Www Hfa Studio Com Hfa Studio 7
Credit HFA Studio

The guys from HFA Studio live and breathe design in their work, where they specialise in illustration and lettering. The sunglasses collection looks great on them! These photos make us dream of holidays, long summer days and the feeling of saltwater on our skin.

Credit HFA Studio
Credit @hfa Studio Www Hfa Studio Com Hfa Studio 6
Credit HFA Studio

If you can’t decide or you’re not sure which shades to get, you should consult our Size Guide straight away. Which frames suit which face shapes? Is the diva-esque cat-eye your perfect match? Or do you prefer a more classic shape? The neubau eyewear Size Guide will answer all of your questions and clear your mind of doubt. 

Because we can guarantee that the perfect pair of glasses is out there for you — we promise!

22 Jun 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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