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Get familiar with Europe’s most compelling holiday destinations

With Airbnb on the rise, the luxury hotels seem to decrease. There's something more comforting and effortless that society finds with staying in a real home.

Then again for the quirky and innovative beings out there we have rounded up a list of some of Europe’s most out of the ordinary yet fascinating places to rest your head on your holiday away.

Tree Hotel – Lulea, Sweden

Our first gander is to Sweden’s north east coast of Luleå where we trek deep into the nature to find the Tree Hotel. What is literally a contemporary design of tree houses, the childhood dream that you can now experience as an adult within the untouched Swedish forrest. Located in the small village of Luleå holding about 600 inhabitants is where one can find the utter most serenity, leaving you truly at peace and at one with nature. Let’s not forget about the view each guest has from their room, the Lule River valley, miles of forest and the powerful river right behind your windows.

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Huettenpalast – Berlin, Germany

We’re headed to Berlin to take a trip back in time to the retro days, we’re talking to all of those camp lovers out there. Ever wanted to have your holiday away in a groovy camper van? Well, inside this former vacuum-cleaner factory, guests can choose the back to nature pleasure of cozy caravans, designer bedrooms or wild wooden cabins. Founded by Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer this accommodation is in Berlin’s vibrant Neukoelln and leaves you with the amenities of a modern building, including guaranteed warmth whether in spring, summer, fall or winter.

City Hub – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Not even a year old and City Hub is leaning towards becoming one of Amsterdam’s most refreshing places to lodge. Referred to as the hostel of the future” this may be just be your most sociable stay yet, and not to mention it’s located in the lively Oud-West (Old West) district. City Hub holds 50 unique beds and a lobby where the energetic staff is there to help with your holiday needs. The style of this hostel tends to be familiarized with Japanese interior, as you literally are in a cosy hub for 1 – 2 persons. While Amsterdam may be the first to hold this social accommodation, we happen to know there will be several more cities with this ingenious idea on the way…

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Blog 1605 Frame Of Mind City Hub 1
24 May 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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