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Frame of mind’s guide to summer reading

The days of lazying by the pool are upon us and it's time to get that summer check list ticked off.

We bet you already purchased the hippest summer bikini/​bathing trunks back when the snow was still sticking to the path in an effort to get yourself excited for the onset of sunshine. But apart from the conventional summer must haves like: a great towel, a bronzed lover and an excellent mojito recipe, it’s easy to forget the need for a fantastic summer read. We’ve narrowed down our top four books to shade yourself with this summer!

In The Name of Gucci – Patricia Gucci

Blog 1607 In The Name Of Gucci

Told from the perspective of fashion royalty, Aldo Gucci’s secret lovechild Patricia, In The Name of Gucci details the rise and fall of the man who began the Gucci empire. Through a collection of love letters, interviews and unseen images, Patricia tells the story of how Aldo Gucci fell in love with her mother after meeting her while she worked in Rome at the first Gucci store. To avoid public controversy Aldo sent Patricia to London, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Italian media and his family. The memoir is a narrative of the rise of an unknown girl to the universal heir of Gucci.

Ther Girls — Emma Cline

Blog 1607 The Girls2

The Girls tells the story of Evie Boyd during the height of summer 1969, California. Evie is enthralled by a group of girls she meets by chance in a park and become drawn into an obsession with a rebellious young woman. Girls is Emma Cline’s debut novel and details the tale of an infamous cult set in a sprawling run down ranch in the hills of California. The book follows Evie’s immersion into the bewitching Mason-like group and details her psychological shift as the allure of free love and drugs take hold.

Super intelligence: paths, dangers, strategies — Nick Bostrom

Blog 1607 Superintelligence

Nick Bostrom ponders the sci-fi question of what would happen if machines were to overtake humans? Or more importantly when it will occur. Super intelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies is a comprehensive analysis on technological advances and raises fascinating theories of human condition and the future of super intelligence.

Invincible Summer — Alice Adams

Blog 1607 Invincible Summer

Invincible Summer details the rollercoaster of adulthood as it travels through the lives of four inseparable college graduates. The novel details the trials and tribulations of Eva, Benedict, Sylvie, and Lucien as they move through their 20s into their 30s and life doesn’t go as they had once planned. Invincible Summer is a novel about friendship, love and real life.

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