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Frame of mind’s favorite handicraft instagrammers

With today's constant updates and unavoidable advertisements, it can be strenuous to find genuine talent that is not covered in layers of branding.

Real people behind the real things that we handle with every single day, the craftsmanship that is not shadowed over with commercial retail. We discovered some of the most productive and stimulating instagrammers of the moment, and why they in particular have visually spoken to us.


The luxury of a handmade leather goods is one to always lift spirits, something about the smell, the feel that truly hits the spot. Designer Jason Gregory is the mastermind behind American accessories brand Makr, with products ranging from wallets, bags, keychains, sunglasses holders as well as furniture and notebooks all hand crafted and personal taste. Gregory takes us on his home making journey along with the rest of the Makr team, shared through their images found on his inspiring Instagram that let you feel the product before it even arrives.


Hailing from San Francisco, California is a team of cyclists who bring you absolutely nothing further than the most practical way to build your own bike. The party of the two wheeled fanatics behind Mission Bicycle have found an innovative way to share their clean frame designs through social media. While to many the construction of building a bike may appear bleak and not image worthy, the mission team shows how to turn this into a fresh and immaculate art form. And to all those real cycle enthusiasts, be sure to check their blog for more in depth information such as where the materials come from that keep our wheels so sturdy.


At first glance one tends to think, oh just another thoughtless instagrammer’s into high resolution and extra sharp digital taste. Well look again. Stephen Mcmennamy has brought the hobby of combining his very own photography into absurd and perhaps clever imagery. It may take deeper thought to really understand rather than just taking a scroll, however each and every perfectly square image shares a message for each to personally break.


Could this possibly be the ultimate team of Fathers? They build their own furniture as well as playgroud objects for the kids and relatives. The carpentry artists specializing in wood works have essentially taken their hobby to become a new art form. With that being said it’s not all gloss and smooth shine that the job brings, lucky for us their instgram feed let’s us see their steps to producing timeless pieces.


Anna Devis, better know on Instagram as Anniset is a Spanish Architect and Illustration student that has caught our eye with her fresh and clean photography. Her image board clearly reflects her graphical background, working with shapes and lines within a frame. She keeps it lighthearted with a fun and youthful with food-for-thought like posts and inventive photographical angles, colors and subject matters. Be sure to check out her blog where she shares more of her design ideas Reflejo de lo Invisble or reflection of the invisible” is destined to innovate.

Featured image via @mellonworks

13 Apr 2016 · neubau eyewear
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