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Frame of mind’s artist of the month: Marlen Stahlhuth

Meet Marlen Stahlhuth, freelance photographer and contributor to some of the most notable European publications like: MATERIAL GIRL, INDIE Magazine, MTV, Vice and Blonde Magazine.

While Marlen’s resume reads like a stock list at a newsagent, her impressive images have a distinctive colorful style which make it easy to see why she’s becoming one of the movers and shakers of this generation.

Living in Berlin, Marlen has established a huge following on her personal lifestyle blog, Paperboats, and continues to produce unique creative projects for impressive clients like Vogue and Glamour Magazine. Blessing the Neubau Instagram with her creative talents, this month Leni is producing still lifes that will be published on our social media outlets. Learn more about the innovative dynamite that is Leni Paperboats in our interview below.

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When did you first begin shooting?
I started shooting mainly because of my blog. It then evolved into street style shots, which all of a sudden people were willing to pay money for. Only later did I get to shoot editorials. My absolute favorite is still shooting documentary shots.

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Why did you choose photography as a career as opposed to something consider more traditional’?
Once people began offering me money for street style shots or wanted my event photos for their clients, I became aware that I could possibly make a living of it. Photography as a job doesn’t necessarily mean shooting weddings and passport photos, which I always thought it meant!

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What is your dream collaboration?
I like shooting for magazines like INDIE much more than Vogue. However, I would love to work with Dazed & Confused, Toiletpaper or LOVE magazine. I really enjoy working with people more than working with magazines, so my personal projects have a higher relevance to me. At some point I would like my photos to be like art with people buying them for what they are without me having to adapt to clients.

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Ultimate summer destination…
I always try to have summer! I travel the world in a way that I don’t have to experience winter and it’s getting better every year. This summer will be spent in Japan with my absolute favourite travelling companion Kira Stachowitsch! It’s not easy to find someone to spend 24/7 with but she’s one of the few people I can stand for long amounts of time.

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One thing you owned as a child that you wish you could have right now…
Sometimes I wish I would have a day or two without any responsibility, where there is nothing I have to do. No email I should send, no phone call I should make, no supermarket shopping, no flat cleaning, absolutely nothing! Waking up with no duties on my mind would be ideal, but I’m afraid that’s something you only have as a child!

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Describe your favorite glasses…
I do actually need glasses because I’m near sighted but I don’t really like anything in my face that much so I tend not to wear them. But I would have to choose a pair of golden frame nerd glasses.

Images via @lenipaperboats

16 Jun 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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