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Frame of mind’s artists of the month: Jacob | Reischel

Starting out as a fluid collaboration between two industrial design graduates, a photographer and a graphic designer, our artists of the month, design duo Jacob Reischel’s Marie Jacob and Julia Strathmann, are all game for the stuff design challenges are made of.

With collaborations with MATERIAL GIRL, Hyundai and Mont Blanc among others, these talented Berlin based women are making things chicer by the second.Creatively standing out in terms of space and composition, being modern without destroying subtlety, could never get better. With each project that defines and diversifies their style, the artists have just started to explore and expand into a whole new area of crisp, sleek, smart originality. And one, that could both inspire and sell, a combination that is practically lethal, and definitely the one to look out for, if one is into design that actually works above all (and who isn’t into that, right?).

How did both of you first come together to work on something creative?
We met each other while studying industrial design at the Berlin University of the Arts. After both of us came back from an exchange year in Milan and Barcelona with a bag full of experiences and ideas it was clear to us that we had to work together.

You studied industrial design and ended up shooting for leading magazines and doing creative projects instead. Did your understanding of space influence your style?
Sure! We are not designing chairs or the next metro, but creating concepts, building sets and taking pictures are similar creative processes. And our three-dimensional understanding helps us a lot.

What’s the next thing by you both that the world should be eyeing right now?
We´ve just been to the botanical garden in Berlin. The plants and flowers are just incredible. We shot a series of cacti, flowers and weirdly looking plants on colored backgrounds. It is simple but pretty and brings summer into our homes.

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Is there someone you would love to work with within a day’s notice?
David Bowie would have been nice..

What’s the one space in Berlin you wish you could redo or show in your own way?
Nothing in particular. But we would love to redesign or furnish a shop, restaurant or apartment… preferably without any budget constraints. We love to go to flea markets and search for unique pieces for hours. To be able to combine this with an interior job would be great.

What’s your team bonding ritual that you guys do before something major?
We often go to museums, exhibitions or just to the countryside and nature to get some inspiration. When we start a project all these impressions come together. We sit at our huge office kitchen table and discuss different ideas. Usually it doesn´t take long until we come up with a concept we both like.

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19 Jul 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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