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Home visit: food photographer Marina Jerkovic from Piroggi invites to her kitchen

When scrolling through your Instagram feed you will notice: there's an immense hype around food related content.

Slices of avocado, freshly baked gluten free bread, green smoothies — food photography beats the perfectly edited selfie. There is a new generation of bloggers and photographers that shakes off the dust of grandma’s cookbook to create unexpected and new combinations. Combinations that not only have the aim to be delicious but also to look good on the painstakingly curated social media channels. One of these professional food lovers is Marina Jerkovic aka Pinimarini. After having discovered her highly aesthetic food blog Piroggi” there was no excuse anymore for un- healthy living. The concept behind the recipes of her own devising: super easy, vegetarian, quickly ready; perfect for your everyday life. We caught up with the Munich born, Berlin based photographer to talk about her job, favorite ingredients, the ideal office lunch, being a freelancer and living online. We had an exclusive look behind the scenes, because what is a food blogger doing exactly?

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I wouldn’t say I’m a food blogger but a photographer — that’s why I came to Berlin, to study photography. Normally I take pictures of humans. However the good thing about food photography is that I can work freely without depending on any appointments or other people. When I started the blog I only had three spices in my cupboard! Because of that project I got a new access to food and became bolder trying out different ingredients. I invent each recipe on my own, but get inspired by Pinterest or magazines. After that my friends have to subserve as my test subjects! Anyway, the most important thing to me is that my recipes are effortless, they should be accessible and easy to implement.”

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My friends often call me Pini. A friend of mine whose nickname is Rogge taught me a lot about plants, herbs and how to combine the different tastes. The very first recipe on my blog was formed in collaboration with him. That’s how I came up with the name Piroggi.”

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The best thing about cooking is that I got to know so many new ingredients to avoid eating the same stuff every day. Using natural, local products is really important! It’s nice to see that because of Instagram some vegetables are really hyped, like cale or quince for example, and that people become aware of these veggies and want to use them themselves. I’m no wheat fan at all, that’s why I use a lot of spelt — it’s great for warm salads! Mix the spelt with some salad and roasted veggies and you’ll get a delicious dish which is perfectly suitable for the office’s lunch break. What I love as well: salad with khaki. The combination of sweet and hearty is awesome!”

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I’m not a hardcore vegetarian, sometimes I eat meat, but I wouldn’t buy it. In general it’s really important to me that the things I eat are healthy and balanced. I would never go to McDonald’s and I try to use no refined sugar.”

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My daily routine consists of answering loads of mails, sometimes really absurde mails. Getting a request if I’d like to use a certain meat product in my recipes is slightly inappropriate, don’t you think? However my life as a food photographer is great. I can spend my days thinking about delicious dishes, wandering around on markets — one of the few negative aspects certainly is that free time and working time become blurred which sometimes can be a bit stressful. However it’s a nice stress.”

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Through Instagram I’ve met so many amazing people that are also intersted in this field. The food world really is a world of its own. It’s so exciting to swap ideas on this topic with people that share the same passion, it’s a completely new input. Anyways, when I’m with my friends I don’t take photos all the time, sometimes I even leave my phone at home when I hang out with them. I think it can be pretty rude to always have your phone on hand.”

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I love Berlin because of its muticultural influences. The variety on the markets is really special, you can’t find that everywhere. Even though I sometimes go food shopping in the supermarkets I’m really keen on what I buy where, but local markets are nice to discover new things that aren’t in the regular supermarket assortment. My favorite markets you can find at Boxhagener Platz, Hermannplatz, Maybachufer and Südstern.”

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The best places to eat are my living room and friends’ flats. Eating is familial, so what’s the need for a restaurant?”

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Photography by Andreas Bohlender

01 Aug 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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