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Five Indian game changing artists at a glance

What's so fascinating about India? While culture and fashion have been intertwined with the Asian subcontinent for ages, the place is now home to a lot of upcoming new talents who break away from the traditional and strongly spiritual root that has been so magnified.

There’s something about the multi-racial, multi-cultural nation that has the aesthetic of (well, compared to more accessible travelling spots) Southern Europe’s colorful chaos, Latin America’s charming noise and the apparently oriental” pacifism.A growing fashion industry, rising underground music scene and art culture are the reasons why these five picks from different modern global industries, have something new and exciting to bring to the table.

Péro by Aneeth Arora

Gypsy spirit galore, Delhi-based designer with a story to tell, Aneeth Arora’s label Péro, which literally means to wear” in marwari, the language of the ancient Indian state Rajasthan; interprets the international aesthetic while using local materials and skills. With a strong interest in actually making the fabric preserving old textiles, Aneeth focuses on making products with an emphasis on creating pieces that are unique.

Blog 1703 17424797 1658923874123003 819846154221525358 N
Photo Courtesy of Péro

Nimisha Bhanot

An Indian origin painter from Canada, budding artist Nimisha Bhanot is all about changing and challenging the over all perspective on the homely Indian housewife, therefore breaking some of the pretty harsh hindu expectations and cultural stigma of women in small towns. Her realism vs pin-up-style has been catching attention all across the country. Though some might put it under the radar of cultural appropriation, and americanized or not, the whole point of artistic freedom is to literally be able to put anything out there.

Model and Muse Bhumika Arora

Hailing from a small town in Karnal, Punjab, a small state of India, Bhumika grew up shy and skinny, the opposite of her classmates, and later made a deal with her parents that permitted her one year time to pursue her modelling career – if she failed, she would have sold out to studying business. After a successful career in Mumbai, the stunner appeared as one of the favorites on the 2015 Paris and New York runways. As of now, she has not only graced the pages of i‑D, Dazed, Interview Germany, LOVE, or VOGUE, but is also the face of various fashion films for the industry’s biggest names.

DJ and upcoming music producer Sandunes

Sanaya Ardeshir, otherwise known as Sandunes, is changing India’s music scene with burgeoning young ravers. Apart from being one of the few Ableton DJs in Asia, the electronic artist has played at Ableton’s LOOP in Berlin, India’s first ever Boiler Room in Mumbai, and a six city U.S. tour following her album, Downstream’. Sandunes’ sound is all about creating sounds within a landscape and the turntable is not the limit. After her collaboration with beat-poet Jivraj Singh, the young artist is also part of the six artist crew of Dasta, a collective of the subcontinent’s freshest talent.

Photographer Hashim Badani

Did you see the subject? Did you see the picture? Or did you miss all of the fun? Largely undiscovered, Hashim Badani is the shutterboy/​cinematographer whose sense of delightful composure vs mad chaos is intriguing, and even has a the good kind of Pulp” texture to it. Apart from his strangely real everyday shots, his travel and fashion photos are also worth taking a look at. What’s next? A book on the Iranian cafes of Mumbai.

10 Aug 2017 · neubau eyewear
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