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Five Indian game changing artists at a glance

What's so fascinating about India? While culture and fashion have been intertwined with the Asian subcontinent for ages, the place is now home to a lot of upcoming new talents who break away from the traditional and strongly spiritual root that has been so magnified.

There’s some­thing about the mul­ti-racial, mul­ti-cul­tur­al nation that has the aes­thet­ic of (well, com­pared to more acces­si­ble trav­el­ling spots) South­ern Europe’s col­or­ful chaos, Latin America’s charm­ing noise and the appar­ent­ly ori­en­tal” pacifism.A grow­ing fash­ion indus­try, ris­ing under­ground music scene and art cul­ture are the rea­sons why these five picks from dif­fer­ent mod­ern glob­al indus­tries, have some­thing new and excit­ing to bring to the table.

Péro by Aneeth Arora

Gyp­sy spir­it galore, Del­hi-based design­er with a sto­ry to tell, Aneeth Arora’s label Péro, which lit­er­al­ly means to wear” in mar­wari, the lan­guage of the ancient Indi­an state Rajasthan; inter­prets the inter­na­tion­al aes­thet­ic while using local mate­ri­als and skills. With a strong inter­est in actu­al­ly mak­ing the fab­ric pre­serv­ing old tex­tiles, Aneeth focus­es on mak­ing prod­ucts with an empha­sis on cre­at­ing pieces that are unique.

Blog 1703 17424797 1658923874123003 819846154221525358 N
Photo Courtesy of Péro

Nimisha Bhanot

An Indi­an ori­gin painter from Cana­da, bud­ding artist Nimisha Bhan­ot is all about chang­ing and chal­leng­ing the over all per­spec­tive on the home­ly Indi­an house­wife, there­fore break­ing some of the pret­ty harsh hin­du expec­ta­tions and cul­tur­al stig­ma of women in small towns. Her real­ism vs pin-up-style has been catch­ing atten­tion all across the coun­try. Though some might put it under the radar of cul­tur­al appro­pri­a­tion, and amer­i­can­ized or not, the whole point of artis­tic free­dom is to lit­er­al­ly be able to put any­thing out there.

Model and Muse Bhumika Arora

Hail­ing from a small town in Kar­nal, Pun­jab, a small state of India, Bhu­mi­ka grew up shy and skin­ny, the oppo­site of her class­mates, and lat­er made a deal with her par­ents that per­mit­ted her one year time to pur­sue her mod­el­ling career – if she failed, she would have sold out to study­ing busi­ness. After a suc­cess­ful career in Mum­bai, the stun­ner appeared as one of the favorites on the 2015 Paris and New York run­ways. As of now, she has not only graced the pages of i-D, Dazed, Inter­view Ger­many, LOVE, or VOGUE, but is also the face of var­i­ous fash­ion films for the industry’s biggest names.

DJ and upcoming music producer Sandunes

Sanaya Ardeshir, oth­er­wise known as San­dunes, is chang­ing India’s music scene with bur­geon­ing young ravers. Apart from being one of the few Able­ton DJs in Asia, the elec­tron­ic artist has played at Ableton’s LOOP in Berlin, India’s first ever Boil­er Room in Mum­bai, and a six city U.S. tour fol­low­ing her album, Down­stream’. San­dunes’ sound is all about cre­at­ing sounds with­in a land­scape and the turntable is not the lim­it. After her col­lab­o­ra­tion with beat-poet Jivraj Singh, the young artist is also part of the six artist crew of Das­ta, a col­lec­tive of the subcontinent’s fresh­est talent.

Photographer Hashim Badani

Did you see the sub­ject? Did you see the pic­ture? Or did you miss all of the fun? Large­ly undis­cov­ered, Hashim Badani is the shutterboy/​cin­e­matog­ra­ph­er whose sense of delight­ful com­po­sure vs mad chaos is intrigu­ing, and even has a the good kind of Pulp” tex­ture to it. Apart from his strange­ly real every­day shots, his trav­el and fash­ion pho­tos are also worth tak­ing a look at. What’s next? A book on the Iran­ian cafes of Mumbai.

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