Fil Bo Riva discusses his new album, Beautiful Sadness’, sustainability and sincerity as a young musician in the industry.

Despite the up-beat acoustic energy of his guitar playing, Fil Bo Riva’s lyrics tell a somewhat melancholic story, making him an artist whose sound cannot be confined to one particular genre or speed. This is an artist who defies expectations. At other times, his rasping, emotionally heavy cries that dwell on lost loves and budding fascinations are sheltered by the lulling strums of his guitar, which serve to carve out a raw and emotionally exposed sound. It seems that Beautiful Sadness’ is not only a chance for the young artist to musically experiment but also to truly express himself, this is an album that may as well be an open book, a diary so to speak, offering fans a chance to divulge into a mind that is perhaps, similarly to their own, tormented by the pressures and possibilities of young love. We sat down to discuss this with the budding star and get his perspectives on music-industry pressures and his responsibilities since he has become part of it.

Your latest album is called Beautiful Sadness’ – what was your creative process and what brought you to its title?

The creative process behind the album started around 2017. I’d been writing songs my whole life but at that time I had started concentrating more on the writing; on the little details. It was a time of finding myself and therefore uncovering the right musical style. The concept around it developed after a while…I noticed that most of my lyrics and melodies were quite melancholy so I started to look for an album title that placed this kind of mood under one roof. I had loads of different titles which I wasn’t 100% happy with so I started going through the lyrics of the tracks I had already finished. I came across the phrase beautiful sadness, simple words” in the song L’over and that immediately got me. Finally everything made sense and the album came to a close!

What do you want people to think or feel when they listen to your music?

I want the people to dive into my music. I want them to sit down and just soak up everything. I want them to find and discover new emotions with and through my songs.


Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

I think that’s hard to say because in my case I see a lot of different things happening in the future. But an ideal scenario would be to continue my musical career, record music for myself and other artists, have a family and then be able to travel to many beautiful places.

You’re now entering into one of the biggest industries (music & entertainment) influencing our environment – how do you balance a commitment to touring and performing live with the perhaps more universal duty to live in a way that’s environmentally sustainable?

That’s something I think about a lot. It might seem hard to do something for the environment as a single person, but I believe that small and constant changes are what really make a change in the long term. Education through friends and strangers, spreading the word and trying to bring awareness to everybody’s own little world.

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08 Sep 2019 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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