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Exploring the allure of Mallorca with Rosa

Berlin-based Australian analog photographer Rosa Spring Voss has created an alluring aesthetic in the images of her recent summer vacation to Mallorca.

As autumn creeps in, her images bring forth waves of nostalgia for sunshine filled days of gelato, swimming and salty air. Although your golden tan may be fading and the post summer blues are creeping in, pour yourself a fruity drink and console yourself by flicking through Rosa’s summer highlights.

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How did the trip to Mallorca come about?
I’ve been visiting my Grandma in Mallorca since I was a baby, but this year my family announced a reunion so we all gathered in her village just outside of Andratx. This was the first time I took an analog camera to the island. The results are a combination of my whimsical childhood memories and a creatively stimulated post-Berlin brain. I’ve noticed that every trip there marks a pivotal point in my life so I wanted to reflect upon that.

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How was the lifestyle different to that which you see in Berlin or Australia?
Salty hot skin after the ocean, slow paced habits, an open door policy and outdoor dinners all remind me of my lifestyle back in Australia and that is why I love Mallorca. A beautiful contrast to Berlin.

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These images channel a sense of nostalgia, is this something you intentionally aim for?
Well not initially, when I was photographing it was spontaneous. When the roll was developed I got quite emotional looking at them and I thought dammm!, this is exactly how I felt.’ This series is a reflection upon my family in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Without intention the photos are deeply sentimental.

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What camera did you shoot on and where did you find it?
An Olympus OM1. I found it at a store in Hamburg, at first I thought it was broken but that was just me being an amateur.

What do you pack in your bag when you go for a beach holiday?
Camera, lipstick, cotton shawl.

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What were some silly situations that came from the trip?
If you’ve seen August Osage County then you know what family reunions are like! The holiday was hilarious at times, especially with three generations and three different languages.

One night we all got very drunk at a fish restaurant, my grandfather stormed out of the dinner, so my grandmother drove us all home in her three door Citroen. It was so cramped! Some of us were singing and laughing others tired and grumpy, it was a perfect Wes Anderson shot!

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Top tips for anyone travelling to Mallorca?

  • Avoid Palma
  • Research the island properly, there are so many exquisite beach towns with only locals.
  • Go in September, it’s quieter and cooler.
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All images by Rosa Spring Voss

09 Sep 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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