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Everything you need to know to survive (festival) camping

Whether you're a seasoned festival goer or an oblivious virgin camper, navigating the politics of the summer festival season can be overwhelming.

Luckily, frame of mind has put together a 101 on how to emerge from your summer festival haze in a way that will have you coming home with minimal mud on your clothes and all your friendships in tact.

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Don’t go hangry

Keeping your stomach happy will in turn keep your friendships in tact. While it’s easy to skip meals when the music lineup is unmissable, your friends will thank you for not biting their head off (figuratively) when they accidentally misread the timetable.

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Stay hydrated

Make sure to keep up those H20 levels when inside the festival. It’s easy to forget just how much the summer sunshine has sucked away your hydration until you’re on your back in the medical tent missing out on seeing The Cure play.

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Locating your campsite

It’s easy to end up crawling into bed with a complete stranger in amongst the festival haze (both intentionally and unintentionally). Make sure you snug as a bug in your own sleeping bag at the end of the night by securing a bright flag, tea light or stuffed toy animal to the top of your tent.

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Find yourself a human blanket

While the weather app might say 30 degrees and sunshine, the reality of festivals suggests rain, arctic winds and the possibility of hail. One tip is to pack for all weather, and while that might seem like the most practical, there is always the option to buddy up and locate yourself a human blanket.

Shower lines

One of the typical festival pet peeves are shower lines. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming no one will be eager enough for a shower at 5am, or be prepared for lines with wait times of upwards of two hours. On the note, don’t become the campsite grub who attempts to go the longest without a shower, people are snoozing beside you in a confined space.

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Set up a meeting spot

If smoke signals are your forte, organising a meeting point into the festival grounds is always a smart idea. This will save you forking out an arm, 50 euros and your first born child for the use of a phone charger or foraging for phone reception at the top of a tree.

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