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District Guide: Neubau, Vienna

seen by Anna Laura Kummer, blogger

Even though traveling to other countries makes her feel alive, Anna-Laura finds the return to Vienna always makes her feel at ease, the way only a city that feels like home can. Growing up in a small town close to Austria’s capital, she started young, producing videos for her YouTube channel, a passion that turned out to be her future profession along with her blog, for which she won the Austrian Blogger Award in 2015. Anna-Laura is not your regular blogger however: with topics ranging from her veganism and travel, to lifestyle and sustainability, she’s created a reflective cosmos with the aim of helping to make the world a beautiful place - even for our great grandchildren. In the present day, she shows us around the hip Vienna neighborhood that is Neubau.

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Why does your job perfectly match your city? Sustainability and veganism are two of the main topics on my blog. I write about small life changes everyone can make in order to give back to our planet and ensure that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will live a happy life. From all the cities I’ve visited so far, Vienna has always been one of the most forward-thinking in terms of sustainability. People here are riding their electric scooters, I barely see anyone using single-use bags at the supermarket and I’m happy to say that most of the restaurants in Vienna offer at least one vegan option.

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Café Liebling

When I want to relax after work I go to Café Liebling. They have a very laid-back atmosphere and serve good food and drinks! When looking at reviews for this café, you’ll come across the description “Berlin style” very often. And that pretty much sums it up! It seems like they are open 24/7, since the popular breakfast spot turns into a bar at night and doesn’t doesn’t close sometimes until 4 a.m.!

1. Café Liebling | Zollergasse 6, 1070 Vienna, @cafeliebling

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Das Möbel
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Erich und Ulrich

When you have to work on your laptop, it‘s best to go to Das Möbel. They have WiFi and power outlets, good drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Das Möbel | Burggasse 10, 1070 Vienna, @das_moebel_das_cafe

The best place to people watch is Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz. Sit outside the restaurants Erich or Ulrich and you’ll see a lot of people - I always run into my friends there

3. Ulrich | Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz 1, 1070 Vienna, @ulricherichwien Erich | Neustiftgasse 27, 1070 Vienna

Do you have one beautiful memory that will forever be associated with Neubau? It’s hard to pick just one memorable experience, since I spend most of my time in this district. But what I look forward to the most every year is the Spittelberg Christmas market. Located in the narrow streets of the Neubau district, you can drink Austria’s popular “Glühwein” (mulled wine), buy a few Christmas presents and eat traditional Austrian food. It’s definitely one of my favorite experiences every year!

4. Spittelberg Christmas market | Spittelberggasse, 1070 Vienna

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Burggasse 24

You can find the nicest vintage clothes in Burggasse 24. It’s not only one of my favorite second-hand shops, but it’s also one of the coolest cafés in the city. It has a relaxed atmosphere, amazing vintage furniture and it’s great for studying or working.

5. Burggasse 24 | 1070 Vienna, @burggasse24

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Where do you find inspiration? I’m inspired by the beauty of Vienna’s historic buildings. Taking the Tram 1 along the Ring — which circles the first district and stops at a handful of historic sites — makes me feel very blessed to call this city my home. I do, however, love traveling and exploring other countries and cultures. I think coming home after a long time abroad makes me appreciate Vienna even more. This is and will always be my favorite inspiration.

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Uppers & Downers

How do you spend a Wednesday in your district? I start my day with a yoga session at Doktor Yoga, then I grab a delicious breakfast at Superfood Deli. I usually go for their signature acaí bowl and one of their lattes. Vienna’s Neubau district has amazing boutiques and vintage shops, so on my way to my meeting spot (usually a nice café like J. Hornig) I stop by at Uppers & Downers, Burggasse 24 or Bootik54. It’s hard to pick a lunch spot since there are so many great places to choose from! Café 7Stern or Erich are the restaurants I tend to go to the most. After a little work-session at Das Möbel (I love working from cafés), I either cook dinner at home or meet friends at a restaurant. One of my all-time favorite dinner spots must be Tian Bistro. They have a lot of vegan meals and offer an affordable four-course menu every day.

6. Doktor Yoga | Mariahilferstraße 52, 1070 Vienna (Entrance Kirchengasse 1A), @doktoryoga

7. Superfood Deli | Lerchenfelder Str. 63, 1070 Vienna,@superfooddeli

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J. Hornig Caffeebar

8. J. Hornig Coffeebar | Siebensterngasse 29, 1070 Vienna, @jhornigcoffee

9. Bootik54 | Neubaugasse 54, 1070 Vienna, @bootik54

10. Uppers & Downers | Burggasse 46, 1070 Vienna, @uppersanddowners_store

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Cafè 7Stern

11. Café 7Stern | Siebensterngasse 31, 1070 Vienna, @cafe7stern

12. Tian Bistro | Schrankgasse 4, 1070 Vienna, @tian_bistro

Further Places to visit

13. Figar breakfast spot - definitely a must-try when you’re in town! Kirchengasse 18, 1070 Vienna, @figar1070

14. Swing Kitchen If you’re coming to Vienna to try some Austrian Schnitzel, you might want to try a Schnitzel Burger at Swing Kitchen instead. I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s all vegan. But trust me, you won’t taste a difference! Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070 Vienna, @swing_kitchen

15. Hotel am Brillantengrund Not only a lovely hotel, but also a great restaurant. They serve filipino food from “Mama Mangalino”. Good news to all vegans: They are very vegan-friendly! Bandgasse 4, 1070 Vienna, @hotelambrillantengrund

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16. Veganista The best vegan ice cream sandwiches in town - you’ll get addicted! Neustiftgasse 23, 1070 Vienna, @veganistaicecream

17. Die Sellerie A little concept store selling books, home accessories, prints and more. Definitely worth a visit! Burggasse 21, 1070 Vienna, @diesellerie

18. Volta Vienna A beautiful concept store in the heart of Neubau. Plus, the people that work there are really friendly! Siebensterngasse 28, 1070 Vienna, @voltavienna

Westlicht Vienna

19. Westlicht Vienna If you love photography, go there! Westlicht is a camera museum, bookshop and café. They also have great exhibitions! Westbahnstraße 40, 1070 Wien, @westlichtvienna

06 May 2019 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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