Earrings by Jessie Harris; Bracelets by Uribe; Glasses by neubau eyewear

Artisanal accessories — 5 responsibly-sourced jewelry brands to know

Beautifully crafted and sustainably sourced, we've hand-selected our favorite ethical accessory labels.

If you love to accessorize with artistic designs that deliver a high antidote of style, tap into your fashion conscious in the most ethical way and join the budding eco-friendly jewelry revolution. Below, five brands that won’t harm the planet — or your pockets. 

Becca Jewellery | @beccajewellery

This British designer’s eccentric obsession with pearls, bones, trinkets, and coins turned out to be rather lucrative… She now merges the four concepts into vintage-inspired earrings and pendants — all handmade.

Jessie Harris | @jessieharrislondon

Constructed by hand with precious metals and gems, the designer’s playful pre-made pieces are readily available for purchase online. Or, reach out her North London studio to co-create your own bespoke treasure.

Neubau 210 1976 V1 Rgbkgkhjh
Earrings by Jessie Harris; Glasses by neubau eyewear

Phine | @phine.jewellery

Inspired by all things powerful and feminine, arm yourself in feel-good handmade jewelry that will push your style and break sartorial boundaries. Constructed out of recycled silver and fair trade gold, this ultra cool Swedish line sets the bar high when it comes to fierce round-the-clock style.

Uribe Jewellery | @studiouribe

Bold baubles, brooches, bracelets, and everything in between — stock up on conceptual statement accessories with gorgeous graphic elements from this London-based label.

Soko | @shopsoko

Handcrafted in Kenya, Soko’s artisans reimagine the aesthetics of ethical fashion with their artful, sculptural style jewelry that dresses up even the simplest outfits. Inspired by strong architecture and traditional Kenyan tribal designs, recycle and reclaim is the ethos of the brand.

10 Feb 2019 · neubau eyewear
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