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We had a talk with Berlin based Photographer Conrad Bauer 

Berlin based Photographer Conrad Bauer talks about his inspiration and his intense trip to Bali for his latest shooting.

A hint of salt water and the smell of turquoise pool… Conrad Bauer found the perfect match to our sunglasses in Bali. His clean photos reflect that little bit of honesty sometimes got lost on the way — and so does the still life project he did for us on his little adventure on the Island. We had a chat about his work, his inspiration and his latest journey and those unexpected challenges in life.

How did you get into photography?

I started with a Canon AE1, which I always had with me on my skating trips. Gradually, I discovered that there is more passion in photography than I originally suspected.

What are your favorite things to shoot when you are not working for some commissioned project?

Somehow it’s a good mix of everything. I’m a fan of natural light games, but on the other hand I like to do portraits, too. I do not want to commit myself that way.

In your Instagram bio you mention that you’ll take pictures wherever people fly you. What are some of the coolest places you’ve got to travel thanks to your work?

That isn’t long in my bio and unfortunately (almost) did not happen yet. I hope someday I can travel the world with special people and work at different places. 

Recently, however, I was with the Keinemusik crew for MCM one night in Paris”.

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Talk us through your creative process a bit, do you plan your shoots a lot or more just go with the flow? Does it vary from personal work to commissioned work?

Of course I plan shootings, if they are bigger.

In the photos for neubau eyewear, for example, everything was rather unplanned and was simply created. You have to look for small places for the still lifes, the light has to be right, and searching for them is fun. I did the matching moods also on my trip. 

What inspires you?

Instagram really inspires me. There are so many good channels, almost too many. And of course, travelling inspire me too haha.

How do you see photography at the moment, and how social media plays such an important role in it? Do you see it as a good or bad thing?

Social media channels are a great platform to show your portfolio in an overwiew. The disadvantage of this is, that you are exposed to such a large flood of images that you can no longer process properly. I suspect that there is a little love-hate relationship between photographers and the social media channels.

Who are your favorite photographers at the moment?

Jimmy Marble, Martin Parr, John Loc Nguyen, Jonas Lindstroem, Robbie Lawrence … to name a few.

When you travel do you prefer to go explore other cities or to more rural natural areas?

I definitely prefer cities. Happy with the sea to switch off.

I suspect that there is a little love-hate relationship between photographers and the social media channels.

After three days on your trip through Bali your backpack was stolen. Where did that happen exactly and how did you feel?

Oh, that was somewhere between Cianjur and Bandung, on the island of Jawa. This has felt blatantly crappy because I’ve never been robbed before. On the third day I lost all my clothes, two analogue cameras, Polaroids and also the remaining sunglasses from neubau eyewear. I still had three glasses in my belt pouch. But hey, the whole village now is wearing the sunglasses!

After traveling and seeing other places, what draws you to stay based in berlin?

That’s a question I actually ask myself more often. Here are the friends, the clients and sure, Berlin is also very nice! Later, when I am old & wise, I can imagine leaving Germany.

02 May 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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