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Artist of the month: photographer Christoph Liebentritt

Vienna-based, Lower-Austria raised Christoph Liebentritt is specialized in photo reportages and portrait photography - both film and digital.

He is a passionate traveller, has an obvious love for the visual, and, not so obvious, has a degree in Social Studies but has a deeper interest in capturing the nature of people all over the world. Frame of Mind has taken a moment to speak to Christoph about the driving force behind his freelance photography, take a read:

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What first got you interested in photography, what lead to you becoming a photographer?
I could now write a lot about my love for the visual, about the attempt to catch people and moments or about the creative process or similar things. The truth of the matter is that photography entered my life as a hobby and gradually grew into something very significant. Now I work quintessentially as a photographer full time. A rather pragmatic approach in which my degree in Social Studies became irrelevant.

Being specialized in portrait photography – what makes a person interesting to you?
For me it has nothing to do with physical features which I could list here. It’s more a spontaneous and intuitive decision which makes me ask a person to do a portrait. It can be the cowherd in India for whom I jumped off my motorbike and climbed into a riverbed as well as the barman from next-door.

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When and where do you feel the most creative and inspired?
With my own independent projects and a high degree of freedom where I can do as I wish. I love working with people I really get on well with, people I can trust when it comes to style and opinion. On a creative level, this for me is a wonderful and fruitful exchange.

You’re also passionate about traveling – what is one place you are dying to visit?
Although I have been around a bit there are still quite a few countries on my list. The next destinations will be Japan and Australia as it looks. Sub-Saharan Africa I would like to travel more extensively.

What is the most spectacular place you have ever done a shooting at? Any funny stories about that experience?
High up at the very peak of the Großvenediger mountain after a two day climb with a roped group high above the glacier – down to the very deep end of the stage pit of the State Opera in Vienna. The range is thankfully rather wide.

If you could do a photoshoot with anyone anywhere, who and where would that be?
A good question I’ve got no quick answer to. It is always dangerous to take pictures of people whose work you admire. Sometimes you thus destroy an image you created in your mind. It happened to me while shooting a musician at the Burgtheater in Vienna…

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