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How neubau eyewear and friends are travelling the world

Although summer vacations have come to an end, neubau eyewear is still passionate about exploring the unknown, experiencing new cultures, and creating an exciting adventure all year round.

And what better way to see the world than through a pair of clear neubau eyewear lenses? We’re happy to say that our friends agree! Here’s a round up of some of the incredible locations around the world that neubau eyewear has been worn.

Alex Sossa in El Rompido, Spain

Mexican blogger Alex Sossa has lived out our ultimate summer vacay in Spain.

Michela in Switzerland

Scrolling through the Swiss blogger’s Instagram, it seems Michela is always amongst the most beautiful nature in the world – and keeping cool in the shade with her neubau eyewear.

Maxi Marie in New York, USA

We’re in constant envy of Maxi Maries jet setting lifestyle. Strolling through the streets of Manhattan, Maxi Marie embodies the perfect summer outfit.

Alexandra Chloe in Florida, USA

Blogger Alexandra Chloe soaked up the sunshine in her neubau shades at Miami Swim Week!

Dafne in Whites Beach, Italy

We’re insanely jealous of Dafne Patruno summer vacay! The creator of BcnCoolHunter spent day after day roaming the cliffs and dipping in the aqua waters of Whites Beach in Italy.

25 Aug 2017 · neubau eyewear
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