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Lm Edit Nicola Von
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Austrian director Nicola Von Leffern talks film, travel and self-care in our exclusive video

neubau eyewear got the low down on Nicola’s favorite spots in Vienna and the creatives that inspire her.

Across a large and diverse body of work, Nico­la von Lef­fern; film­mak­er, direc­tor, pho­tog­ra­ph­er and trav­eller, asks, are we dream­ing?”. Exper­i­ment­ing with light and tex­ture, von Lef­ferns films cap­ture the eerie melan­choly that engulf our minds at night, weav­ing in reflec­tions on fem­i­nism, sex­u­al­i­ty and per­son­al free­dom, her work offers an often unseen insight into the female psyche. 

Though she may spend much of her time work­ing in the more cos­mopoli­tan cor­ners of the globe, mak­ing music videos and direct­ing her own short films, she still man­ages to find time to put her wan­der­lust to reality. 

When not flesh­ing out her next project, von Lef­fern is on the road, with the wind in her hair and a much more care­free atti­tude at bay. Rid­ing side by side with part­ner and fel­low direc­tor, Jakob Carl Sauer, the pair have tak­en on the end­less twists and turns of Europe’s south­ern roads, all on board their beloved VW, @bitchythebus.

In an attempt to con­nect her per­son­al endeav­ors with her cin­e­mat­ic inten­tions, Nico­la has used her trav­els to open up a dia­logue about self care in the cre­ative indus­tries. Using her online plat­forms, von Lef­fern offers up advice to fel­low cre­atives look­ing to take a step back from the hus­tle & bus­tle that comes with free­lance work in the cre­ative indus­tries. As the pair have explained on their @bitchythebus account, trav­el is a chance to breathe, love and break every­thing down to a road, the sea, [or] a good book’. 

Empow­ered by her mes­sage, neubau eye­wear sought the chance to speak to this day­dream­er and cre­ative pow­er­house. Despite cur­rent­ly being road-bound in Croa­t­ia, Nico­la found the time to pro­vide us with an insight into her per­son­al world, pre­sent­ed in our exclu­sive video col­lab­o­ra­tion, open­ing up about those who inspire her in and around our favourite dis­trict in Vien­na, our name­sake, Neubau district.

In terms of design, Nico­la rec­om­mends uni­sex label and design­er Romana Zöch­ling, aka @ferrarizoechling, on Kirchen­gasse, who despite the name Fer­rari has noth­ing to do with the car man­u­fac­tur­er, but every­thing with bold, brave and uni­sex cloth­ing. I love her style per­son­al­ly and try to incor­po­rate her pieces into my wardrobe, but also I love work­ing with her. When­ev­er I need great out­fits for my film shoots, I run to her and we work some­thing out. We start­ed col­lab­o­rat­ing rough­ly five years ago and I am curi­ous as to what her and my future brings.”

For a mod­ern take on Vienna’s cof­fee house tra­di­tion, Nico­la rec­om­mends, Wolf­gang Cof­fee on Zieglergasse:

Wolfgang’s calm and mod­ern look­ing cof­fee cor­ner is a bit hid­den in the styl­ish con­cept store QWSTION on West­bahn­straße. But both are absolute­ly worth the vis­it. I fell in love with Wolfgang’s cof­fee when I used to have my office next door. I nev­er bought a cof­fee machine, because I knew it would nev­er taste as good. So this became my dai­ly stop for an oat milk cap­puc­ci­no and a veg­an treat from his baked goods.”

Look­ing for a sooth­ing drink to ease out of the day? R&BAR on Lin­den­gasse is the place:

Most peo­ple know this place for the bar on the ground floor of the build­ing, the R&BAR. And I under­stand why, the food and drinks are fan­tas­tic. But I actu­al­ly care more for the 3 floors above. Since I am a film­mak­er it’s always cru­cial to find pro­duc­tion hous­es with whom I can col­lab­o­rate well. Das Rund and all the sub­sidiaries have a very mod­ern approach. They care about green pro­duc­ing, about gen­der equal­i­ty, they have female boss­es and an eye for art. They do a lot of things well and there­fore I enjoy spend­ing some work­ing hours on the top floors and some leisure hours on the ground floor of Lin­den­gasse 1.”

Anoth­er one of her stomp­ing grounds (the nat­ur­al habi­tat of a film­mak­er) is the Film Casi­no on Spittelberggasse: 

As a film­mak­er it may not come as a sur­prise that I absolute­ly love movies. I try to go to the cin­e­ma at least once a week. Espe­cial­ly because good art house films often don’t have long run­ning times in Aus­tria. One of the cin­e­mas I love best in Vien­na is the Film­casi­no and I am very hap­py that they now have a sec­ond branch as Filmhaus Kino am Spittelberg.”

For more Vien­na insid­er rec­om­men­da­tions check out our Neubau Dis­trict Guide by Anna Lau­ra Kummer: 

09 Jun 2019 · neubau eyewear