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An interview with Austrian artist Markus Habersatter

Art doesn’t only live on paper or canvas. Art can live anywhere and on anything. This is a lesson that Markus Habersatter, son of a long line of hoteliers, learnt early in his professional life

– about to start a career in his family’s foot­steps, he real­ized that he was more inter­est­ed in design­ing the rooms, to give them a per­son­al­i­ty of their own. Today he runs his own busi­ness, Raumw­erk, togeth­er with his part­ner Kim — a busi­ness that doesn’t real­ly feel like work now that he final­ly has the free­dom to tell sto­ries through col­ors and inte­ri­ors, and to live out his cre­ative ambi­tions in the dif­fer­ent fields of paint­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy. The Aus­tri­an mul­ti-dis­ci­pli­nary artist re-worked neubau eyewear’s cam­paign images in his dis­tinct sig­na­ture style – see the results below!

Your work is all about rooms: which room has the biggest mean­ing to you?
My head. The most mean­ing­ful phys­i­cal room for me is the stu­dio in which I do this work. The pic­tures tell sto­ries about their own­ers and about my path as an artist.

When does a room turn into art?
When art of the walls and rigid struc­tures cap­ti­vat­ing­ly breaks up the every­day, and gives a room pur­pose, and opens up a new per­spec­tive. Art gives the view­er a puz­zle, lets him ask ques­tions while also telling sto­ries, and all the while sparks some­thing in him too. A room that man­ages to do that is, in my opin­ion, art.

You turned your cre­ativ­i­ty, your vision for a self-employed busi­ness: which chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties have you expe­ri­enced?
I nev­er had any par­tic­u­lar desire or vision to begin my exis­tence as an artist. What I mean is, the secret of art lies not in look­ing, but in find­ing” (Picas­so). And so art found me, and it became my pro­fes­sion. In my art I see the oppor­tu­ni­ty to have the space and time to slow­ly unfold myself with­out pres­sure, in order that some­thing unique and con­sis­tent might be cre­at­ed. This art itself is the challenge.

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You also stud­ied pho­tog­ra­phy and action paint­ing – in what sit­u­a­tions are you most cre­ative? Do you have to be in a cer­tain mood to cre­ate art?
There is no par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tion or mood that that I have to be in to be cre­ative. I’m gen­er­al­ly able to just begin. How­ev­er, a cer­tain time pres­sure, like the com­ple­tion date or the open­ing of an exhi­bi­tion, can be quite help­ful in terms of jump­start­ing the cre­ative dri­ve. Work­ing under a time pres­sure tends to be more fruit­ful for me. The work exists in cycles when cre­at­ed in that way, and belongs togeth­er. In this way, work is made in suc­ces­sive series, grad­u­al­ly improv­ing in the process.

What inspi­ra­tion and emo­tions did you have, or did you want to become vis­i­ble when you mod­i­fied the paint­ings for neubau eye­wear?
I’m work­ing on fash­ion pho­tographs that I’m start­ing to draw over, and fur­ther lev­els emerge from this. You have the back­ground of the pho­to­graph, super­im­posed with indi­vid­ual per­cep­tions and emo­tions. The sobre­ity and real­i­ty of the pho­to­graph­ic depic­tion melts away. With the Neubau series, the thing that I liked most was the idea that in the same way that a pair of glass­es gives the face a cer­tain some­thing, cre­at­ing an iden­ti­ty, art can give a room, or the peo­ple inhab­it­ing it, this indi­vid­u­al­i­ty and iden­ti­ty – a face.

So you’re mak­ing art out of some­thing that already exist­ed – does that mean that any­thing can be art?
Art should reflect some­thing unique. It can also bring that which already exist­ed back to life, adding fur­ther lay­ers. Art gen­er­at­ed from the pre-exis­tent is still art, because it can and should be inter­pret­ed and devel­oped from a new point of view.

The key to a cre­ative life:
An open mind.

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Blog 1707 Neubau Eyewear Markus Habersatter
21 Jul 2017 · neubau eyewear