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Artist of the month: chatting with Lukas Korschan

We chat with Lukas Korschan about his life trotting the globe, capturing photographs and channelling creativity.

With an impressive repertoire of clients including VSCO, Nike, Nudie Jeans, and Mercedez Benz, his creative breadth does not go amiss. Lukas’ style is crisp and clean cut, he effectively uses light to illuminate the beauty in everyday, mundane objects. His nonchalant aesthetic has a sense of clarity that is both intensely satisfying and curiously intriguing. As our artist of the month, we gave Korschan some neubau eyewear glasses and he shot them on a Maldivian island…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re up to at the moment?
My name is Lukas Korschan and I am photographer based between Berlin and London. Right now I am trying to enjoy Berlin summer as much as possible while working.

What first lured you into the world of photography?
I have always been a very visual person but was never interested or properly introduced to photography or the art world. When I was 20 I just started experimenting with a camera that I traded for a pair of shoes and that was it.

How would you describe your thought process when it comes to taking photos — does your photography oscillate along a particular set of themes? Do you aim for your work to make people feel a certain way?
I really like a subtle sense of humour in photos, but it’s not something I aim for. I think it’s just something I am drawn to and so it’s a part of my work. Finding beauty in very mundane scenes is something I like as well.

You shoot in a variety of places across the world but seem to mostly split your time between Frankfurt, London and Berlin, what draws you to these three places?
Growing up in Frankfurt, it still feels very homey to me and I have good friends there and get inspired by it a lot. Berlin is very chill and affordable whereas London pushes you to drive forward and has a great energy. I just really enjoy wandering between these places.

Outside of these European cities, your work takes you to all corners of the globe, do you have any memorable moments in favourite cities?
Oh there were too many – I just hope there are still a lot more to come. I would actually love to travel to a variety of African countries I have never been to. Hope that the future holds this for me.

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You have been super busy over the past few years working on interesting projects, can you tell us about them and whether they are all connected in any way?
I came from writing, to PR, brand consulting, worked on different magazine formats and projects that lead to photographing full time right now. I am still trying to figure out myself how they are connected and where the journey goes – I guess my interest in photography was and is always the golden thread though.

How do you perceive the photography landscape at the moment and how do you see yourself as a part of it?
I feel like its very romantic and nostalgic right now – wherever you look you find analogue photography these days, especially in fashion. With my personal work I only shoot straight up digital these days and find it pretty refreshing.

What/​who do you consider to be your greatest creative influences?
I get inspired by a lot of things, such as music, movies, seeing exhibitions, having interesting conversations, digging in childhood memories or studying masters of their fields.

Can you tell us a bit more about the shoot for neubau eyewear? Where did you shoot the glasses, what was the story you wanted to tell?
I shoot it on the Maldives during a stroll on a small island. The stroll was actually not too long since I could round the whole island in about 15 minutes. It was fun though!

And finally, what’s in store for the future? Any more new, exciting projects we should look out for?
Right now I work on some fun commercial and editorial projects as well as on my first book – really excited about this one actually.

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Head over to his Instagram for more inspiration @lukaskorschan

13 Jun 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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