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neubau eyewear teamed up with Anne Dickhardt from Any Di to design the cases for our latest special edition Sigmund Carl. Get to know the smart business woman in our interview.

neubau eyewear teamed up with Anne Dickhardt to design the cases for our latest special edition Sigmund Carl. She is the designer of the successful brand Any Di, specialized in elegant and multifunctional bags and the signature SunCover pendants. Diving into design after having to suddenly quit her tennis career, she is a true example of drive and determination. She has already achieved so much, with her bags being sold at Lodenfrey in Munich, at Galeries Lafayette in Berlin and other stores such as Valentino and Chloé&Co. Now she wants to take her career and brand a step further and moves into sustainability, and this collaboration with neubau eyewear is only the first step. Together, they developed a SunCover made of recyclable PET bottles taken out of the sea, to go with the glasses partly made of naturalPX. Get to know the smart business woman in our interview:

To me, ANY DI is so much more than just a brand, it is a way of life. It reflects my personality, my character and my passion.

What are the main features of ANY DI as a brand?

ANY DI offers innovative, luxurious and functional bags and accessories. The design-patented Bagpack Strap System” as well as the shape and function of our SunCover” are the features that make ANY DI stand out of the crowd. Both are worldwide design-patented and have a super innovative character. To me, ANY DI is so much more than just a brand, it is a way of life. It reflects my personality, my character and my passion. 

And when, how did the brand begin?
ANY DI may have never had a chance to become reality, if it had not been for my two severe injuries in 2005 that forced me to quit my career as a professional tennis player. After that I began to think about my dream to design innovative handbags, which always had been on my mind. I decided to study Fashion & Design Management in Munich. On my many travels as a tennis professional, I was always longing for a bag that would be able to keep up with my lifestyle: active, yet stylish and functional. Since I could not find THAT certain bag, I decided to take action and design my own ANY DI. It was in 2014 that I started developing the first prototype, which today is the Bag L”. About a year later, in February 2015, I launched my very first collection, which was more than exciting!

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What made you want to specialize in bags and accessories?

The idea to design innovative bags dates back to my youth. I was always on the tennis court, in meetings with sponsoring partners, on an airplane or running to the gate at the airport. While I was trying to travel lightly and not taking a bag with me for every single occasion, I needed ONE that fit my everyday needs. The accessories, like the ANY SunCover – today’s signature piece — followed shortly afterwards and completed my first collection just perfectly.

Your brand is a combination of high fashion and everyday comfort – how do you achieve this?
I have never been the kind of woman who had a dozen bags in her wardrobe, I rather wanted one that could easily adapt to my lifestyle. However, I always believed in outstanding quality that could make a product last a lifetime. I love fashion so I wanted to combine both luxurious design and comfort in my products on the highest possible level.

You also emphasize the high-quality aspect of your brand. What is most important to you when sourcing materials and in the production process?
Quality is the key. I need to feel the materials, their source where it comes from and how it is produced. I only chose the best for each single product.

How did the collaboration with neubau eyewear come about?
The cooperation with neubau was just the perfect match to start our movement into sustainability. Their products and whole brand statement is focused on SEE & DO GOOD”. Until now we’ve always taken care of delivering our clients the highest product quality possible. But this is just not enough anymore. We also want to DO something GOOD. So with neubau we developed the first ANY DI SunCover out of recyclable PET bottles that have been washed ashore by the sea.

neubau eyewear is very much linked to its base Vienna – how did Munich influence you and your brand?
Munich has influenced me in so many ways — it is where it all started. I studied here, gained my first experience in the fashion industry and designed the prototype. It is where THE ANY DI dream came to life. Munich is very international and attracts people from all over the world — either for work or just holiday. Women show off their latest fashion pieces on the street, in bars and cafés and like to be in style. On the other side, Munich and its surrounding areas with the lakes and the mountains offer a very active lifestyle. Those two elements — sport and elegance — very much reflect my brand.

I am beyond delighted to collaborate with such an exciting brand as neubau eyewear!

What other inspiration points like films, music, or books accompany you in your creative approach?

Generally, I take my inspiration from my everyday life experience. I am very open minded and perceptive of what people need and look for. Fashion trends are kind of incidental for me. More important is to always do what I like and stand 100% behind it.

What can we expect from the collaboration with neubau? Is there any particular aspect you are especially proud of?

I am beyond delighted to collaborate with such an exciting brand as neubau! The glasses and the SunCover made out of sustainable material are amazing and very much reflect today’s values: mindfulness and appreciation of the environment. This is only the beginning of further sustainable products I would like to design.

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27 Apr 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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