Blog 1610 Anna Wegelin

Frame of mind’s artist of the month: Anna Wegelin

This artist of the month takes the phrase: 'what's cooking good looking?' as a literal slogan.

Anna Wegelin uses basic household meals and transforms them into the Gisele Bündchen of the food world. Her concepts of still life imagery are revolutionary within the food industry as she incorporates her fashion expierence into her photography, making basic burgers look like a high budget fashion editorial.

Blog 1610 Neubau Anna Wegelin

What makes food better than fashion?
Well it tastes better for sure. Other than that I find food more honest. Food brings people and cultures together. No boarders, no anxiety it’s actually something very powerful we all can use to spread more love.

Do you cook all the delicious treats yourself?
Yes, I do. It actually started with cooking and not with photography. That is just something I did to stage the food the way I wanted to. The love for food took me there. And I love differently, never touching the ground. Being naive as butter can be. Dreaming like there is no reality. Feelings. That’s the stuff that makes me and my work.

*nothing against butter though. I’m an addict.

Where do you go when you need to find inspiration?
Seeking for inspiration is like seeking for happiness. Don’t do it. What works for me the best is being zen. No thinking, no inspiration just acknowledging the beauty in life. Every time I do ride that rainbow I feel everything falls into place and ideas or answers are coming without asking for.

What role does your Kazhakstan origin play in your life?
I always loved my russian roots and my nomad type of life. But when I was young I lived in places where people started hating me just because I had a different culture background. I never understood why, but today I feel like I have to celebrate and live my roots and culture even more just to share and show people how beautiful diverse cultures can be. I feel rich because I’m different and I want to put that in my life and work.

You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what is it?
Tough question. But I think it would be blueberry pancakes with a lot of maple syrup and bacon. Yes.

Where do you go out for dinner?
Usually when I go out I love having liquid dinner. Just because whenever I want really nice food I stay at home and make myself the most yummiest dinner. But that always ends in food coma so yeah liquid dinner when I go out. There is one place in Hamburg I love so much I always go to. It’s Daruma, a Japanese home cooking restaurant. So good.

What would you cook for a family get together?
Oh man my family is crazy but I love them. The last time I cooked for my family it was my birthday and I made them among other things this onion rosé cake. I put all my happy and good vibes that i had in this cake and it turned out amazing. My family and friends know that I usually would not drop that word amazing in combination with me but that savory cake was pretty damn good.

What’s your dream (work-)project?
Too many dreams though. But there is one bigger project I started. It’s a book. It’s this whole russian, who are you project, combined with food. I’m moving to Sankt Petersburg for a while to figure out some things and to zen out. Somehow I think that is the beginning of a dream I could not even dream of. And if not, fuck it! I have a huge jar full of dreams. Dreaming I love and I might be spending my whole life doing this and if it doesn’t work out at least I tried.

Featured image taken from Anna Wegelin

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