Follow creative Anabel Luna through her favorite places in Barcelona

We asked our artist of the month to talk us through her favorite spots in the city, and neubau eyewear accompanied her on this little tour.

Barcelona based creative Anabel Luna would fit the photographer label, but it would certainly fall short. She mainly works as a fashion photographer, but she keeps her mind and time busy with many other creative endeavours; art direction, interior design, acting, giving workshops… She’s lived and developed her style in cities like London and Berlin, worked with great designers and brands, and for a few years already she finds herself settled back in sunny Barcelona. We asked her to talk us through her favorite spots in the city, and neubau eyewear accompanied her on this little tour. From museums and hotspots to her lovely and dreamy home, you can now see it captured through her lens in her delicate and tasteful way. 


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona is dedicated to the works made during the second half of the 20th century. Two years ago I lives in the Raval neighborhood, one minute away from the museum; the architecture, the people, the square, the exhibitions… It was pure magic to have it all so close to your home. It’s not only just a museum: the entrance plaza is a meeting point, a photo location, an outdoor concert hall, even a natural solarium! You can meet friends here, buy a beer, and watch the people who walk by. You can enjoy the sun of Barcelona, and of course the exhibitions!


May I invite you to know my studio-home. Right at the beginning of the Poblenou neighborhood, we bought awarehouse and did a complete renovation. All made of natural pine wood, inspired by the amazing Scandinavian style, creating not only a work space, but a photography studio, and a sound studio for Gerard. It became our house.We lived with Lewis (our cat), and we spent a lot of time in this 200 m² warehouse that we call home now. Loftnou is more than our studio-home, it’s for many people; we rent out the loft for shootings, advertising, fashion, events, workshops and everything needed!


In February 2017 we traveled to Mexico for one month, and we fell in love with the culture, the people, but above all with the food! Pikio Taco just opened in the neighborhood of Gracia – a delicious taquería, really Mexican! They serve the best michelada in Barcelona, the tastiest nachos in the whole area and the tacos … delicious! The place is super nice, and has a neon sign that says: Me importa un taco”. Love it! Well done guys!


The park is located in the neighborhood of Ciutat Vella, very close to the beach and the Arc de Triomf. It’s a giant park where so many things happen all the time! It’s mainly events that revive nature, Catalan culture and the community. At the same time however, during the week, it is a natural space where you can go for awalk, do sports, read, relax, or have a picnic. It really feels like you were not in the middle of the city. Watching the sunset lie on the grass is a very good way to end a long day.


Nuovum is an object store of independent designers, both local and from the rest of the world. Jose founded Nuovum in 2013 and has an exquisite taste in the selection of products. In the district of Born and also in the Raval, you will find the Nuovum shops, where you’ll find glasses, bags, jewelry, interior decor, and much more! Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, Jose will be interested in your taste, your style and what you are looking for. It’s like a machine of good taste!

16 Apr 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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