Neubau 2 by Greta Maria Asgerisdottir

ADNA on reaching her musical solstice, empowering her fans and staying mindful in one of the biggest industries in Entertainment.

All at once bewitching, melancholic and minimalistic, Swedish singer ADNA has found a sound that, amidst her siren-call-esque lullabies and softly hummed lyrics, manages to bring her soul out from within her to the edge of our ears and hearts, only to linger so long as not to give herself away entirely. ADNA is both mystery and an open book. Heralding from our musical sister’ group, Neubau Music, she’s thriving upon her desire to stay genuine in an industry that so often relies upon the opposite. Like ADNA, we too began small, at the grass roots, with good intentions and high ambitions, and so we feel it’s our duty to support the humble and the undeniably talented. 

We got the chance to speak with this up and coming musician about her inspirations, mindfulness and mental health:

You seem to pour a lot of yourself into your music, what compels you to write and how does performing affect you? Quite selfish reasons, but I just always wanted music to be a place where I’m free to feel in any way, without having to analyze it too much or think about how it might affect someone else. Just to use it as a tool to get things out of the system. So performing is a bit difficult. But also special when you get to meet people in it. 


What inspires you? Mostly feelings and people.

You’re quite a mindful person and this comes out in your music– would you like to use your platform to promote mindfulness – whether this be in terms of sustainability, feminism or even mental health? Of course.

How would you describe your sound? I think of it as a cloudy dream. But I guess it could be categorized as some kind of dream/​folk/​pop.

What brought you to Neubau Music, a group which supports smart work, fairness and long term careers”? The people behind it, and their values of course. Long term” is something I’ve always been a fan of, and in the end it’s always about the people you’re with. 

28 Jul 2019 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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