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Neubau 2 by Greta Maria Asgerisdottir

ADNA on reaching her musical solstice, empowering her fans and staying mindful in one of the biggest industries in Entertainment.

All at once bewitch­ing, melan­cholic and min­i­mal­is­tic, Swedish singer ADNA has found a sound that, amidst her siren-call-esque lul­la­bies and soft­ly hummed lyrics, man­ages to bring her soul out from with­in her to the edge of our ears and hearts, only to linger so long as not to give her­self away entire­ly. ADNA is both mys­tery and an open book. Herald­ing from our musi­cal sis­ter’ group, Neubau Music, she’s thriv­ing upon her desire to stay gen­uine in an indus­try that so often relies upon the oppo­site. Like ADNA, we too began small, at the grass roots, with good inten­tions and high ambi­tions, and so we feel it’s our duty to sup­port the hum­ble and the unde­ni­ably talented. 

We got the chance to speak with this up and com­ing musi­cian about her inspi­ra­tions, mind­ful­ness and men­tal health:

You seem to pour a lot of your­self into your music, what com­pels you to write and how does per­form­ing affect you? Quite self­ish rea­sons, but I just always want­ed music to be a place where I’m free to feel in any way, with­out hav­ing to ana­lyze it too much or think about how it might affect some­one else. Just to use it as a tool to get things out of the sys­tem. So per­form­ing is a bit dif­fi­cult. But also spe­cial when you get to meet peo­ple in it. 


What inspires you? Most­ly feel­ings and people.

You’re quite a mind­ful per­son and this comes out in your music– would you like to use your plat­form to pro­mote mind­ful­ness – whether this be in terms of sus­tain­abil­i­ty, fem­i­nism or even men­tal health? Of course.

How would you describe your sound? I think of it as a cloudy dream. But I guess it could be cat­e­go­rized as some kind of dream/​folk/​pop.

What brought you to Neubau Music, a group which sup­ports smart work, fair­ness and long term careers”? The peo­ple behind it, and their val­ues of course. Long term” is some­thing I’ve always been a fan of, and in the end it’s always about the peo­ple you’re with. 

28 Jul 2019 · neubau eyewear