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10 must have pieces to brighten your winter

The days are getting shorter, the coats longer and the coffee stronger, which can only mean that winter is approaching.

But with the change in season comes an excuse to fill your wardrobe with warmer necessities,’ and yes by necessities’ we also mean those new Dorateymur Double Delta mirrored-leather ankle boots.

Dorateymur Double Delta ankle boots

Although you can never have enough black boots, this winter brighten up your days by adding some easy metallic to your outfits. Not only is metallic one of the top colours for A/W 16, it also has the added benefit of working as a mirror should your lipstick need fixing post mulled wine.

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Sigmund frames neubau eyewear

Adding a suave factor of 10/10, the Sigmund frame by neubau eyewear is sure to amp up any winter outfit. Taking the round frame trend and mixing it with the colour choice of a clear frame, the Sigmund glasses are the perfect mix of practicality and style.

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Racil velvet jacket

Winter is the season of comfort and Racil have designed the perfect jacket that will have you stumbling from bed to work with the grace and style of a 1920s French goddess. The soft velvet material will make you feel as though you’re walking through the day in a cloud of warmth.

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Heinz frames neubau eyewear

While the cooler months might not seem like the ideal time to stock up on sunglasses, neubau eyewear makes it hard to not be tempted! Ensure you’re seeing the winter days with the clarity and comfort of UV protected lenses. Get excited for the impending sunny days by purchasing your favorite frames now.

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Penfield Thurman bomber

Brace the winter elements without looking like an overstuffed marshmallow in Penfield’s Thurman bomber jacket. Slim fitting and padded, the bomber provides the perfect amount of warmth while still maintaining the on trend military style.

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Paul frames neubau eyewear

neubau eyewear created the Paul’ frames for anyone looking to make an impression. The subtle features of the metal mixed with the dynamic matte finish create an effective but simple accessory.

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Bibliotheque bougie parfumee scented candle

Congure up images of sitting by the fire in a library full of leather bound books this winter with the ease of lighting this Byredo candle. Mixing the intoxicating scents of leather and vanilla, Byredo have created your winter 16/17 perfume.

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Diana frames neubau eyewear

Channel Jackie O in neubau eyewear’s Diana’ frames. The perfect accessory for the movers and shakers of the concrete city, Diana’ is great for adding an extra layer of glamour to your winter wardrobe.

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Ellery cowgirl scarf

While the classic knitted scarf has the benefit of keeping you cozy in the wind swept city streets, the Ellery cowgirl scarf has the benefit of making you look effortlessly chic while indoors.

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Carven pencil skirt

Let your legs breathe a sigh of relief in this Carven pencil skirt. Mix up your daily winter staple of pants, while still ensuring you’re warm by adding a pair of simple black stockings to this wool school girl skirt.

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