Our brand name NEUBAU pays tribute to international creative hubs such as Vienna’s Neubau district.
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Discover the world through the eyes of neubau eyewear

Vienna's seventh district - as the Neubau district is also called - not only serves as a constant inspiration and namesake for NEUBAU EYEWEAR, but also houses countless creative people who turn the district into a melting pot of fashion labels, galleries, shops and restaurants. Traditional craftsmanship meets innovation, Viennese customs mix with cosmopolitanism and historical architecture combines with urban gardening.

Discover the world with open eyes

How nice is it to explore the most beautiful places in the world and to enrich life with brand new experiences and to be inspired? After all, these are the moments that are destined to become unforgettable memories. Moments when we find ourselves unpredictably on top of a skyscraper in Brooklyn watching the sunset. Moments when we are greeted by an unexpected oasis of calm in lively Milan. Moments in which stories are told by locals in a Viennese coffee house. You would rather not experience these unique events with a busload of other tourists, but rather under the trustworthy guidance of a knowledgeable local. Where's the most unusual place for vintage shopping? Which bar mixes the most spectacular cocktail?

From Le Marais to Neukölln, NEUBAU EYEWEAR asked photographers and insiders to tell us in which districts the most exciting memories are made and in which the Viennese Neubau spirit ist reflected.

Enjoy the lovingly curated tips from our local heroes around the world!

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