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Neubau production color mixing 16x9

Injection molding

For our naturalPX materia we have developed an extremely fast injection molding processl which takes approximately 1 minute for every frame. This high speed injection molding method controls the flow of naturalPX more precisely as it enters the mold which makes the process more efficient and prevents unnecessary waste. More than 90% of the material that is used is processed to produce a new frame. Any small amounts of excess naturalPX that escape can be recycled. 400 frames can be produced by each injection molding machine every day, making this a highly efficient and sustainable manufacturing process.

Neubau production natural PX granulate

The coloring process

We have spent many years developing sophisticated production methods to produce attractive colored spectacle frames. Two methods are used to produce our collections of vibrant or subtly shaded eyewear. Color can be added to the naturalPX material before it runs through the injection molding process, or additional color can be added after this process through air brushing, dip dying, digital printing and other processes which are well guarded trade secrets.

Neubau production natural PX color powder web
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