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You know that sort of place that you will find in any major city. You turn a corner and immediately feel the difference. You see it in the people on the streets, maybe in the clothes they wear, but even more so in the way they carry themselves. There's no chainstore blandness here, but a colourful sense of individual character everywhere you look. It's a kind of buzz that makes you want to hang around and explore.

In Vienna, Neubau, the 7th district is that kind of place, a fertile breeding ground for innovative and challenging ideas, from fashion to music and contemporary arts. Much more than just a hipster hang-out, Neubau is Vienna's archetypal hub of urban creativity where every other door plate and every hidden courtyard will lead you to some photographer's studio or designer's workshop.

It is also the spiritual home of neubau eyewear, not in a localised sense, but in the distinctive way the brand celebrates a vibe, an attitude and a state of mind that you will find in quarters like this in cities all over the world. The vision behind neubau eyewear is to create the ideal meeting of superior design and high quality Austrian manufacturing. But let's not get carried away: At the end of the day it all simply adds up to an effortlessly chic, light pair of glasses, tailored to the needs of a discerning modern urban audience.

urban . sustainable . genuine . witty

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people behind neubau

our team

As our productmanager, Dominik constantly seeks for great shapes.

Eva is our CI Police. Graphics, Events and Social Media are her Metier.

Nina is the one who runs our fairs and handles all press related topics.

Lisa always has an ear for our distributors and teaches them the neubau brand spirit.

Daniel is the man who manages the whole neubau crew.

our designers

Sonia is the mother of classical shapes like sigmund, Toni or Frida.

Shapes like Hemma, Joseph or Mia came out of martins feather.